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Natural Balance Shoes (nonsense) new

(Correspondence page)

Posting Trot

(Correspondence page)

Learning How To Ride Horses

Correspondence page)

Horse Athletes and Horse Lovers  

(Correspondence page)

Understanding the Reprimand in Training of Horses
(& the Term "Desensitizing Horses)

Small Horses - Ponies (Correspondence page)

Do horses like to work, compete or showing off? (Correspondence page)

The Dressage Story

Squaring of Toes in Trimming & Shoeing

Reflex - Instinct (Conscious and instinctive memory)

The dynamics - The Forward Swing of Cadence  

Turning Out Horses  
(Correspondence page)
Turn out or not to turn out, that is the question.

Balance and Collection - Confusion and Misunderstanding
(Correspondence page)

Regarding your horse's hooves/feet
(Correspondence) To shoe or not to shoe, when and how.

Nosebands - Restrains

The Mechanics of the Curb Bit - Lever Bit
(The mechanical advantage - amplification of the hand aid)

Rewarding Horses

Horses do not "comprehend" rewards.

Light Contact - Gentle Riding Aids - Dressage

Spurs and curb bits misuse.

Classical Dressage - Truth - Myths - Delusions

This article is somewhat longer, because it includes stories about my experiences in, and with, this madness called today the classical dressage.

Impulsion - Misunderstanding - Misinformation

This article will show the common misunderstanding of the concept impulsion in riding horses, which pretty much explains all the absurd riding and behavior on horses, especially in dressage.

The Common Sense & Conventional Wisdom
If you have these, or live by these, you are a genuine fool, and dangerous and stupid when with horses.

 Equestrian Term - Suspension
(Term Clarification)

If you do not read the articles below in succession according to the numbering, you will not understand any of it.

The Equine Instinct
(The instinctive nature of life - Part I)

 The Difference between Man and Animal
(The Instinctive Nature of Life - Part II)

Equine Instinctive Learning Nature
(The instinctive nature of life - Part III-A)

Equine Instinctive Learning Nature by Association
(The instinctive nature of life - Part III-B)

(The instinctive nature of life - Part IV)


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About Riding

A collection of equestrian articles describing primarily my experiences, as well as education gained by 35 years as a professional rider. Much should help in gaining  more insight and understanding when on top of a horse.

About Training of Horses

A collection of horse training and horse handling articles describing primarily my experiences, as well as education gained by 50 years as a professional horseman.  Much should help in gaining  more insight and understanding of horses, as well as improving one's ability in relating to them.


Collection of articles about some forgotten basics concerning farriery and hoof care, and some more interesting stuff that should help in dealing with hoof related issues in horses.


Collection of fairly controversial articles that are not liked by most, while dealing with the truth that most people do not want to hear. The articles bring to light mainly the abuse of horses done by those that claim to love them, as well as by many of the so-called experts and professionals.


My replies to people's previous correspondence hoping that it will help in better understanding of this site and its publications.

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