The Common Sense & Conventional Wisdom

(Terms Clarification)

     Common = Having no special distinction or quality; widely known or commonly encountered; average or ordinary or usual.

     Common sense is called common sense because it is common. It is simple as that, or one could say that common sense is the result of the thinking of common people. In other words, the common sense is nothing more than a public sense, and when combined with, "What the public doesn't know is what makes it the public" it is the result of clueless public thought.
    The common sense is the reasoning of uneducated and uninformed or misinformed people, which are more than 99% of all citizens of the world. The common sense was also described by Albert Einstein as: "Common sense is the collection of prejudices acquired by age eighteen."

      In this day and age the horsemanship and related professions are subjected to this public reasoning, or better said the reasoning of unqualified and clueless people, who for most part subject realties to their thinking, while any horseman in the past knew that horsemanship is a very much the subject to one's awareness of natural realities, while the human thinking has nothing to do with it.
    Henceforth, beware of all the things that make sense to you, especially around horses, and rather open your eyes and become aware of what is going on, because without seeing things as they are, your reasoning is unsound and simply becomes the common sense/nonsense.
    Because today's horsemanship is primarily about satisfying the public in order to make money on them, it is therefore subjected to the public's common sense, which demands are then satisfied/appeased. Simple economics of creating and then satisfying the demands of the suckers born every minute.

    Conventional = Following accepted customs and proprieties.
In other words and in this case the following of the common sense by the programmed minds.

      Conventional wisdom is an oxymoron (conjoining contradictory terms) if I ever saw one, because wisdom is rare and never was, nor is conventional. The proper term could be "conventional knowledge", but since the public is misinformed throughout the ages, the proper term should be "conventional misinformation", or better said "conventional stupidity", which simply points out the sayings, "Masses are asses", and, "What the public does not know is what makes it the public.

     The equine industry provides no genuine education to the public, but rather supplies the public with misinformation so it can exploit not only horses, but mainly the public via using the horses. If women would not be so gullible, we would not have any equine industry, or it would be fairly small since we hardly have any practical use for horses.

    Instead of solving the unnecessary abuse of horses and animals via education, the equine industry misinforms and misleads the public and then pretends to solve the abuse via some silly legislations. And so it is no surprise that we have abundance of lawyers and a lack of decent schools and teachers. It could be said that the dumber the society is the more lawyers it needs and vice versa. The more evolved and aware society is the less lawyers it needs since it has lesser need to curb the public preposterous behavior created by lies, misinformation and the lack of true and relevant education needed for life and not just to become the "good citizen of the state".

Wisdom is not the product of a human mind, intellect or intelligence.
"Wisdom instructs her children and admonishes those who seek her.

    He who loves her loves life; those who seek her out win her favor.
    If one trusts her, he will possess her; his descendants too will inherit her.
    She walks with him as a stranger, and at first she puts him to the test; Fear and dread she brings upon him and tries him with her discipline; With her precepts she puts him to the proof, until his heart is fully with her.
   Then she comes back to bring him happiness and reveal her secrets to him.
   But if he fails her, she will abandon him and deliver him into the hands of despoilers.

      Wisdom is a gift of God; hence it is not conventional but divine. Seeing things as they are is not common, hence sound reasoning is rare and not common. What is common is human stupidity. Henceforth the common sense and the conventional wisdom is the product of the reasoning of an ignoramus lacking in knowledge and awareness.

     Next time someone is using the term "common sense" in relevance to horses, walk away, because this person is using his thinking instead of his senses when with, or away from, horses. Such human mind creates fictitious realities within to which no horse can ever relate. The "thinkers" are totally handicapped in the natural environment, in short retarded, hence incapable of learning from the environment let alone from horses.

Written by Ludvik K Stanek a.k.a Lee Stanek (2010)