The absurdity of high action or high stepping.

(It is not for nothing said that, "masses are asses".)


    The high stepping, or the high action of the front legs, in carriage horses and in riding horses was desired not by horsemen but by the non-horse public. To the public the high stepping horses with flexed or bowed necks represent some type of proud and elegant horse, and since it was so appealing to the public the royals and nobles adopted this into parades and such, and the idiots perceived it as some sort of "art of horsemanship".  
    Needless to say that the artist-painters  adopted their art to the liking of the contemporary society, which is obvious from paintings and statues of a given era. 

It is one thing if the high stepping (high action) is inbred and another when it is forced on a horse.

Looks pretty, too whom?
If you like the appearance of the above more than the one below, well you are a genuine ignoramus.

A human ingenuity at work, using its technology to improve the nature. 
Imagine this more modern and humanistic society improving the nature of horses via technology.
How far will these nincompoops go to satisfy their vanity?
They do the above so the horse looks like this below, completely grotesque, horse and rider alike.
What will these animals do for us without objections? 
Just how resilient and durable are they?
When God made the horse what was he thinking about?
He saw the future and saw this guy.

Mind you this guy is serious.
The more polished version of the same below.

An obvious silliness and ignorance of the blue-collar guy above, and the more "sophisticated" version of a similar absurdity below, which make the dressage today even more absurd than the above, because of its justifications.

The more humanistic society actually invented stretching exercises to achieve the very much admired and desired curved neck and stretched front legs as above.

If we keep doing this stretching for a hundred years, we can alter the nature of the horse so that it will get so "supple and flexible" to the point that it will be able to lick its own ass.

    Since many of the nobleman were not decent riders, and could not ride the highly spirited horse, they invented a fake one. They simply invented a form of training that will make a horse look "proud" and high-spirited. In this modern age this is reflected very much in the present dressage, which is obvious in the preference in using the dull spirited warmbloods.

    This high stepping is not what Xenophon was writing about, but the high stepping infatuation has more or less its origins in the baroque generations. It is one thing if it is bred into the horse, and another if it is forced on or requested from a horse while not being a part of its nature. In both cases, from the horsemen perspective, it is absurd. It is like preferring a slower car before faster one while using more gas. 

     In other words the high stepping horse is nothing else but a result of human vanity that is misusing and abusing horses just for the sake of appearance. Not just that the high stepping is impractical, but when taught instead of being inbred it becomes also a pure horse abuse.

     Horses will times look like they lift their legs up high when in natural passage, but it only looks like this because the horse lifts its body well above the ground while in the air. Since most folks find this play of horses pretty they wish to imitate that while riding them. They completely ignore the fact that the horse does the natural passage primarily as a form of play, and needless to say that it does not look anything like a horse playing when presented by the dressage folks. 

It would take the whole afternoon to cover the distance of one mile. If in a race, a grandma in a wheel chair would beat this horse, have a lunch and a nap before the horse would cross the finish line. It just doesn't get more absurd than this. The poor women even dressed for it.
   The most preposterous high stepping can be seen in the so-called "Spanish Walk", where the horse in each step picks its front legs up about 3 feet while advancing forward only several inches. It is like reversing the wheels on a tractor. Just imagine the absurdity of it, because that is what it is when it comes to the mechanics of the horse. 

   This is usually taught via simple methods frequently practiced by the so-called "masters of the riding art" of the past and presence, especially from the baroque era, which some fools call today the "classical" style. It is extremely simple, primitive and times even brutal way of training a horse to satisfy the human vanities of silly people. 
Nothing to it, any jerk can teach this to a horse. Just smack it over the shins couple of times with a long whip, the horse strikes after the whip, and here we go. A woman loving her horse. Hello! The pinning of the ears says something even to an idiot. May be she is preparing the horse for the "classical" dressage.

   The horsemen of that day did this because it was required from them since it was in fashion and they were simply adjusting to simple economics of satisfying the demand. Hence the cause of this nonsense was in the interest of the non-horse public that found this high stepping as some "proud horse" presentation.  

     The military dressage of the past did not want their horse to step high, because it was not practical and lowered the horse's performance and durability. In simple the high action or the high stepping is nothing else but wasted energy for nothing but for appearance sake. 

      Now just imagine how this contradicts the horse's nature since by nature the horse moves extremely economically reserving his energy for an emergency in a case of a needed flight. It simply contradicts the horse in all aspects; hence there is simply no harmony between the rider and the horse in any of the above-mentioned disciplines.

      We all do or did in the past stupid, absurd and unreasonable things in our lives, and the new generation does that as much as we've done it.
     I find human stupidity irritating and annoying, and hence I often get angry at myself, but what is repulsive to me is one's self-deception, because a person that deceives him/her self is nothing else but a genuine coward. 

     Those who refuse to see truth of their deeds are the decaying matter of humanity, because nothing in nature or in heaven wants to be near a coward. One is better off being stupid and brave than intelligent and cowardly, because the earth is all about brave hearts and not about human intellect.

     I rather live in jail, with murders, thieves and liars than I would live in the white house. I prefer the prison to any religion or church, because the self-righteous are the biggest cowards of all. These "god lovers" too, like the "horse lovers" can never accept the truth, because the truth would take their lives and dreams away. They prefer to save their lives, dreams, lifestyles and beliefs to saving their souls.

    The criminal often does despicable deeds, but in his heart he knows he is a criminal, while the self-righteous and self-deceived do often worse crimes, while giving them selves and to others sometimes even "noble" justifications for such deeds.

     One of he most repulsive people in the horse world are in dressage. Not that the today's dressage is the most abusive to horses, but because they give their abuse of horses a "noble" justification". Like a serial killer is calling his killing an art, they call their preposterous conduct on horses a "riding art".

     The root of human corruption lies in lying to children. One really should wonder just how much education helps our humanity since it contains so many lies. 

     A fool is hard to bear but the coward is repulsive to the entire universe. The mercy of God is in death, for he lets the cowards die, because life needs most of all courage to go on and God will not force anyone to live. As in nature the brave and strong live while the weak perish.

     The weakness of human kind is not in lack of knowledge but in lack of courage.
     It was a coward who said," knowledge is power", yet the same fool is aware of the phrase "absolute power corrupts absolutely".

    When one is powerless, it is then that he must be strong, it is then that he must be brave, and in that way he finds both, courage and strength, but those that seek power are not only lacking courage but they are also weaklings that will never find neither courage or strength.

     Those who claim to "love" horses need not believe anything in this article or this site, but imagine just for a moment that it would became clear to you that you are abusing horses, how do you think you would feel? I know, there is no way that this is the truth, it cannot be, because you "love" horses. This whole websites stinks, doesn't it?

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Written by Ludvik K Stanek a.k.a Lee Stanek