Horse Abuse - Reason & Accountability


    The ability to reason rests in one's ability to see things as they are.
    A reprimand serves purpose, but a compliment is good for nothing since it only delivers a false and vain self-confidence to a fool.

    I've heard the following conversation in a movie, which may be offensive to some women, but one will become aware, through out this article, why someone came up with it. A woman asked a man in a form of compliment; "How do you rate women so well?" He responded: "I think of a man and take away the reason and accountability".

    The last words in the above fully describe most of today's horsemanship and the horse show industry.  People do not do things with horses because they are reasonable but because they are vain. Most activities around horses in the amateur world are not based on reason but on feelings, passions, desires and on the pursuit of unreasonable and often silly dreams. 
    When we do things according to our feelings our actions are much too often unreasonable, in short what we do makes no sense. Since what we do with horses is not realistic, because of our unrealistic perception of horses, we end up abusing these animals inadvertently. 
    Those that do most of the abuse of horses are exactly the very people that claim to love them. If and when you hear people say that he or she loves horses, you are more likely talking to a person that is refusing to see the reality of nature, horses and mainly is refusing to see the reality of his or hers own deeds. Now when such person is confronted by the reality of what he or she is, and what he or she is doing, they refuse to be held accountable, because they believe that they love horses. The admitting to horse abuse would hurt their feelings and more likely put most women on some guilt trip, and since their activity with horses is not based on reason but on feelings, they simply cannot accept it, because the truth in this case would completely destroy such person's dream world of horses.

    The vanity in the use of horses was present in the past, but in much smaller percentage than in this day and age. In the past most horses were used to serve human beings for working purposes, transportation, military, agriculture and such. In the present day some horses are still used for same purpose in rare places, while overwhelming majority of them serve to entertain us, often as some sort of a toy replacing the stuffed toy horse animal.
    There was horse abuse in the past, as there is horse abuse today, but today mostly for different reasons. People often abused the working horses in the past, because of their lack of understanding and expertise, since many of these people were not horsemen and used horse for work, like farmers and such. Yet these folks had much less consistency in the horse abuse than the horse loving people have today, especially when it comes to horse shows these days where people do it for their own entertainment sake.
    When a person abuses a horse because of his lack of expertise while trying to make a living is one thing. However a person abusing a horse because of his lack of expertise while trying to entertain himself with the animal is a genuine abuser of life. A hunter killing an animal for food or pleasure does not torture the creature, while the possessive, passionate and obsessive "love" of horses (animals) by the horse (animal) lover often torments the animal for years.

    A testimony to the vanity of our use of horses can be seen in many situations, industries and times. I will bring to attention one of the common one, one of the most vain, so not only the horse lover can understand but also anyone who has no knowledge of horses.
    Believe it or not, but the root of this type of horse abuse is actually in people that do not work with horses and have nothing to do with them. They are the ones that invented terms like "proud horse". This term alone is responsible for much of the suffering of horses, because it paved the way for the human infatuation with high-stepping-horses. It reached its peak in the baroque era but with less absurdity, since that society did not consider itself "humanistic". 
    In this day and age it is mainly presented in the Saddlebred industry, in gaited horses industry and in dressage, as well as in most of the horse show industry. There is no way that you will find a horseman in any of these disciplines, because it would be highly embarrassing for him.
    Please note that most people in these industries are women and much less men, the latter usually exploiting the naive former. Even though in the past the horse industry was in the hands of men, today the women are the ones responsible for it since they are the overwhelming majority. Hence the movie quote mentioned above is so fitting for the use of horses today, because most women today ended up with horses not because of sound reasoning for practical usage of the horse, but because they followed some dreams or their infatuation with their unrealistic and unnatural perceptions of horses and nature (Their soul mate and savior arrives on a horse in shining armor, unlike Jesus on his ass dressed in pajamas).
    On one hand you have women screaming "horse abuse", showing all sorts of skinny and debilitated animals, while on the other hand you have, often the same, women abusing horses, while totally and stubbornly refusing to be accountable for all that horror by inventing various progressive, new and improved theories to justify their vanity. 
    There is no way to solve this, there is simply no remedy, because the women that abuse horses will simple never ever hold them selves accountable. They simply can't, because it would not only completely destroy their lives, but it would also break their hearts, not to mention pride. They simply cannot handle such heavy burden of guilt and embarrassment in abusing the very animals they claim, and often believe, to "love". I truly believe that these women mean and believe that they love horses. 
    The more humanistic they become, the more cruel and cowardly they grow in their vanity. The human love is possessive, hence satanic and not God like. People want to own, or at least have a control over that which they love, because of the fear that the very "thing" (animal or person) they believe to love could leave them. This type of abuse has to do more with being vain, lonely, selfish, insecure and extremely insensitive to the other, rather than with brutality, the latter being more of the masculine nature.

    The beauty is in the eyes of the beholder… is it? Non-horsemen find the high stepping horses beautiful, spirited and proud. Click here for some enlightenment. 
    That which most perceive as beautiful is not in the eyes of the beholder, but it is in a mind that adjusted itself to a specific environment or came from it. Hence a beautiful horse to a horseman is completely something else than a beautiful horse to non-horseman. 
    The public cannot see or appreciate the beauty of horses, because their knowledge about horses is read, not lived. In order to appreciate the beauty in anything, one must first know what he is looking at, and in this case it means to know horses.

    Ladies if you are reading this, please understand that I am not a person that does not like women, au contraire, that is why I write what I write. Women have struggled for equality with men, they wanted to take greater part in the social and world affairs, which of course often took them from their children and femininity. So, now since you have finally manage it, and with it a great influence on what will happen in the world, you will now be also held accountable for all of it, especially there where it is solely in your hands as it is now in the horse world.

    There is no abuse or cruelty in butchering horses for food or for feeding of other animals if done without abuse to the horse. A sudden and painless death does not qualify for abuse. Instead of trying to stop the slaughter houses from butchering horses make an effort to stop unqualified people from owning horses, because they are the greatest suppliers of these slaughter houses. If you will stop the slaughtering of horses, what will happen to the abused and unwanted horses? Never thought that far ,did you? Hence again the opening paragraphs of this article come to light.
    We have licenses to own cars, but we have no licenses to own other life. It is mandatory to get education in driving, but there is no need for education in caring for animals. A decent education can resolve much of horse abuse, which should exclude the veterinarians views since they would insists on regular health examination without having a clue about what a healthy horse is and what constitutes horse abuse. After all they make money from the horse abuse.

     And so ladies, if your reasoning derives from your emotions (feelings, passion, desire, envy, hate, resentment or that crap that most of you call "love") you will not only become ignorant, insensitive and an idiot, but also a cruel brute, abusing and destroying life where ever you go, often worse than any brutal man, because at least the brutal men are aware of their brutalities and most of all do not try to portray them selves as loving, just and sensitive beings, let alone believe it about them selves as most of these selfish and cruel women do. If and when you cannot keep your feelings and emotion out of your reasoning, please keep your mouth shut and do nothing, at least in that you may be perceived as wise and will not be held accountable for harming life

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Written by Ludvik K Stanek a.k.a Lee Stanek