Horsemen, Horsemanship and Fools

Some advice for the sane in the insane world of horse lovers and horse obsessed fanatics. 

    A quote of an idiot: "I've studied dressage (horsemanship, riding etc.)". Well, riding (horsemanship) is something that one does not study. It is just as silly to say on a first date that you have studied how to get laid, "I know what to do, I've studied how to get laid". This is obviously extremely absurd and ridiculous and so is anyone who claims that he studied dressage, riding or horsemanship, in simple words an idiot.
    Anyone showing off any types of certificates is nothing but a fool that has no concept of horsemanship, training or riding, nor he even knows/understands what he is talking about. Dressage is easy for a rider, for an incompetent rider it is complex and requires much of concentration, because things to this fool do not come by way of relating to the horse, hence he has to recollect what he has heard or read somewhere, to which of course the horse cannot relate.

    Hardly any horsemen write books, and if some do they are intended for other horsemen not for the amateur public that cannot possibly understand what the writer is writing about. Simply said, if you cannot do it you cannot understand it, and reading about it will only make you stupid, specifically when it comes to riding and training.
    No genuine horsemen-riders give riding lessons unless they are desperate for livelihood, since riding cannot be taught and one learns only by riding (working) horses along side a genuine rider-horseman. Work for them and you may learn something; take lessons from them and you learn nothing. They know it, and that is why they are reluctant to give riding lessons, it feels like ripping people off. Genuine horsemen cannot be deceivers and liars, they could not relate to horses.

    Once an amateur always amateur, once taught riding and horsemanship as a child always a child that never matures due to the inability of accepting the truth about his/her incompetence and the reality of nature and animals within. There is a difference between working with horses and playing with them like kids. Children's concept of animals has its foundation in cartoons (lies) on which basis they've learned and never will grow out of.

    More stupid quotes and people to stay away from:

    Horsemen do not talk about what they can do, they do it, and they get things done. When I gave interviews to people applying for a job to work for me during my various riding and training careers it was very simple. I let them talk, listen to none of it, then I just asked the person to go inside a stall, put a halter on a horse, take him out and put him back in, then take the halter off. That is all I need to see to evaluate a horse person. In those few minutes I know enough about that person (mainly about his/her heart and experience), as much as the horse does.
    Similarly when I handle someone's horse in just a few minutes I know, for most part, who the person is that handles him and what kind of a horseman he or she is, no need for any references or certificates. Those who pay attention to such stupid and useless things know nothing about horses, hence they ask for references and all sorts of paper work. When looking for a job avoid such places, those people are more likely fools and could not possibly know your real value as a horseman since they cannot see it.

    Stay away from any certified trainers and instructors, especially the ones in natural horsemanship, they are really "certifiable". Also avoid any equine college graduates as they, in the first moment they handle a horse, demonstrate the concept of "educated fool", all study, poor experience and the inability to relate to horses is a trade mark of Equine Science graduates. Before you give your horse to any of these, you are better off getting some young kid that had ridden somewhat, who just get on your horse and rides it. It does not require much expertise to ride a horse around and those who make a science out of it are genuine fools.

    Horsemanship is something that you do, and not study; only fools and idiots study horsemanship. Of course as the successful business saying goes "There is a sucker born every minute", the likes of Parelli, John Lyons and such take advantage of it and sell you, the sucker, some book or tape on horsemanship, and in addition they actually reward (after a little payment) some of these fools with a certificate. This is hilarious and should I be able to go back in time to tell about it to the old horsemen of my youth they would not believe me any of it and call me a liar.
   It is simply unbelievable that people can be so stupid to fall for such royal bullshit as certified natural trainers. That does not even make sense in the title it self. I guess if you fill up a donut with shit and tell people that it contains very special and exotic fruit that they have never tasted, such idiots will eat it since they've never tasted shit, providing that their sense of smell is impeded for one reason or another.
   People that give various demonstration and clinics on horsemanship and training resemble very much the horse traders of old days (gypsies), with some limited knowledge of horses and handful of tricks they impress the amateur public, which is in reality fairly easy. They simply prey on fools and if you cannot see it you are one of them.
   Clinics on how to train or manage hard to handle horses is done by irresponsible people and because of them and others like Parelli, Lyons and such, many people got hurt, horses abused and injured. Just for the record, recently a certified Parelli natural horse trainer, a female, arrived in the area. NATURALLY a few fell for it, she got her self three clients with "problem horses" and all three clients ended up in the hospital injured by their horses. In this case people should not sue her, since she is more likely a fool that believes it, but one of these days these crooks issuing these certificates will be liable for such irresponsibility. I have a simple clinic on how to deal with a hard to handle horse. Get rid of it and get one you can handle, simple as that. (You can send me $1.00 for this clinic; I am inexpensive).

    Horse whisperers are either idiots or deceivers, or sometime even both, selling you a whole lot of crap, and the same goes for the animal psychics. As the old horseman saying goes, "It is OK to talk to horses but once when you hear them talking back to you then it's time to see a psychiatrist", or if you believe in the possibility do the same.
   If horses would have words they could think like us. They have been here millions of years fairly unchanged, much longer then us, would it be so that they could think like us they would have us working for them, or at least have a union. Should you be one of the unfortunate fools believing this natural horsemanship crap then you need to snap out of your animal cartoon frame of mind, really.

    When it comes to training and horse care do not listen to any veterinarians, they completely lack experience and most of them do not even know how to bandage up a leg. Last people to give advice on horse feeding are the so-called equine nutritionists. Yes, I was also a victim of such education in the horseman school (not a college) that I have attended. Two years, some five hours per week, I had study various feeds and nutritional balance in feeding horses, and I aced it in the final exam, which of course, needless to say, was totally useless in my next forty-some years in working with horses; some places working as the so-called feed-master, which is in most European countries a highly respected position when done in large reputable stables.
   All the study was useless and feeding horses mainly requires the ability to observe horses, their type, health and performance to which one then adjust the feeding (from available resources) and care, and most of all one needs to have a feeling for it. Books in this case are completely useless and one learns only in practice doing it along side an experienced genuine horseman.

    As an amateur you will be always vulnerable to liars and deceivers that the horse industry is full of. The genuine horsemen you will hardly find in the spotlights since the life with horses is their livelihood and a way of life, which they rarely share, and if so, then only with people that work for them and never with amateurs since these could not ever comprehend anything the horsemen are talking about.
   A foundation is of most importance whether in training horses or people, because only on a sound foundation one can build higher (grow). If you have received the amateur foundation (riding for entertainment) it will stay with you for the rest of your life, even if you turn pro, just like with a badly started horse.
   If you have started as a young person (not a child) working with horses you have a room to grow, if you have started as an amateur for entertainment purposes you will never get it, nor you could possibly understand, or will ever understand, anything that is written in this and all other articles published to this site. 

    You can read it a hundred times over and over getting nothing out of it but confusion and often resentment, because horsemanship is a life that needs to be lived to be understood. Reading about life or actually living it is like a night and day, and imagination in this case is a misleading fault. It takes a lifetime to grow to only a half decent horseman, and good riders or horsemen are non-existent, because all genuine horsemen are aware of the reality and their shortcomings, they just don't talk about them, they also do not boast or collect trophies.
    Genuine horsemen's writings are like the bible; if you do not live it you cannot understand it. Following the instructions in the bible on how to live leads to fanaticism and abuse of human beings, as well as, following the instruction of books on riding and horsemanship leads to injuries and abuse of horses and times even people. Both, first live it and then read about it, don't try to read and follow, understanding is power and not some theoretical knowledge, for by the way of understanding you will see all as it is.
   Horses cannot relate to what you know or what you have read, they can only relate, or at least adjust, to what you are. 

    You cannot make horses to like you anymore that you cannot make people to like you. However, you can deceive people, but horses you cannot, they see right through you. Just imagine meeting a person that you simply dislike for no particular reason, as I am sure you did. Imagine this person going out of his way to make you to like him, covering you with kindness, love and favors, or simply said "kissing up". Just how long will it take you before you smack this fool?
    Now imagine a horse that simply dislikes you for no particular reason and you come up with some Parelli bullshit on him, just how long will it take him before he smacks you one? Are people stupid or what? Most horses do not like people (who could blame them?), they just adjust (natural instinct) and put up with them to survive, to live, while most of the horse lovers are incapable to see that. One of the worst things in life is to be loved or liked by some one whom you cannot stand and have to deal with daily. Why should your horse like you? Because you like him, because you treat him kindly and with "love"? Don't fool your self; some will kick your ass just for that alone.

Written by Ludvik K Stanek a.k.a Lee Stanek