The Difference between Man and Animal

(The Instinctive Nature of Life - Part II)

Hopefully you have read the Part I of The Instinctive Nature Of Life, because if you did not, you will have difficulty to understand any of the following, and so it is recommended that you read the part one first, obviously, as it is for these reasons numbered.

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   The Existential Awareness (Please do not confuse with "consciousness", which is basically another term for awareness).
   In the part one I have presented the very simplified definition of life as, "life = awareness", or "awareness = life". In very simple terms I have pointed out that if something cannot feel pain it is not alive. And so now we go a little further in the awareness department of life, or one could say in the feeling of existence of something. 

If animals could think, the first thing they would do is hire a lawyer and form animal union.

It is OK to talk to animals, but if you hear them talking back to you, it is time to see a shrink. , there goes all the animal psychics business out of the window.

     First I will bring to light this downright horrible misinformation, or better said a lie that is being spread, or programmed if you will, to most children all over the world. All people that I have ever come in contact with and asked the following question, most simply replied with identical answer, but often confused why I was asking it. In short the question was: "How many senses do we have?" Usually I had to clarify the question more, and then in most cases they all replied like little programmed laptops with "five".

     The word senses, or sense should be defined here for better understanding. Among other things the word sense pretty much refers to the word awareness, in short when we speak of the five senses we are speaking of our ability to be aware of something. Please, I do not wish to go to the so-called "scientific facts" that are for most part self-contradicting, not to mention that most so-called scientists do not agree on almost anything.

     I will stick with the concept of only five, because that is what most people understand, while the science for most part confuses the rest. In short, via sight we become aware of light, or via hearing a sound we become aware of the sound, and such and so forth. The catalyst of the life awareness, and our ability to feel and be aware of something, is simply called pain (hence life = awareness, awareness = pain, life = awareness of pain).

     Of course to us many things do not feel like pain, and some we describe as pleasures, while in reality it is all pain. The evidence to this is simply presented in the fact that through any of these so-called senses one can be hurt, or feel what we understand as pain. Look into the sun, you will feel pain, but when watching a TV hardly anyone is aware of any pain, as we are adjusted to it. Similarly, as when someone turns the lights on when you were sleeping, you experience pain so you partially close your eyes till adjusted to the light.

    The same goes for hearing, as sound can create immense pain, or taste can burn like hell, or hot fire can burn the skin, or a cigarette smoke straight from the cigarette can burn the nose (pain - pleasure, discomfort - comfort, unpleasant - pleasant, all the same thing). So it is in reality what we could call our individual intermediate threshold of pain that determines what is pleasant and what unpleasant, as in painful. Therefore everything we feel is some level and form of pain, and our intermediate thresholds determines individually what is pleasant and what not.

     Now all of the above is primarily relevant to the so-called flesh, or as the science calls zoology - biology. One thing that the school never teach, for obvious political and human management reasons, that we as humans have not only these five basic senses (5 types of awareness) but we differ in core from animals because we have this sixth sense, this sixth awareness, to which has been applied the term "existential awareness". They will not teach you this in any so-called modern school, because this blows away the obsolete Darwin's theory like a shat up toilet paper that can no longer ever be used for anything.

     This so-called "existential awareness" is what gives you the ability to think, and not merely process information, as the animals do. Animals simply cannot think because they do not have the needed "hardware" to run the thinking "software". It is simple as that, but unfortunately this will blow out the Darwin's theory, because by his natural law there is simply no need why the "human animal" would evolve that which actually handicaps him in the natural world. In short, there is no natural need for species to evolve the thinking part of the brain. There is no need to go into more details, because as you will see the evidence is clear to see in us and in the animals.

     First of all, the existential awareness does not give us only the ability to think, but mainly the ability to speak, and it is through the word, the speech, that we learn and pass information (specifically creative info.) onto the next generation, but more importantly we can create with intent (unlike animals by instincts only) via manipulating the environment in which we live. Since we can manipulate the environment with intent, we can therefore change ourselves, and not only ourselves but others, willingly or unwillingly. Who is messing with your environment?

If you think that animals think, you think too much. Learn form the animals and become aware of the realities in your environment, lest they make an ass out of you, or even worse, you'll die like them.
, there is no animal heaven,

They can't think, because they simply don't have the "hardware" to run the "software".

      The existential awareness element in human beings could be compared to an extent to some kind of dual (reflective) reprocessing of information, or in much better words I refer to it as "dual spirituality" or "dual psyche", or "dual/reflective information reprocessing". (If and when this "dual psyche" breaks up, or better said separates/splits, such person suffers from the so-called multiple personality disorder, usually caused by one's inability to deal with certain realities. It could be said that we all have a sort of multiple personality, but as long as it works as one we have a singular personality, hence the word person for a human being.) Now let see, what do we do when we are thinking? What do we need to think, and not only to process? What is the catalyst for thought?

      What do we do when we are thinking?

    We are in reality reprocessing information (reasoning - "metaphorically speaking we are "chewing cud") or creating misinformation (false reasoning, lies etc.) via talking to our selves silently in our heads, and so when folks get older they lose some of their ability to control their bodies and their mouth simply speaks out loud their thoughts. That is all there is, when someone is speaking to him or herself.

     What do we need to think, not just process?

     We need words, for without words we simply cannot think, and so speech is the foundation of thought. One can experience this if he lived in other countries, and learned to think in other languages. In other words, a multilingual person's language is the language in which the person thinks, which in some traveling people can switch from one language to another, as it did in my case a few times. All in all, the first language, in which the person thinks, is what determines his or her nationality at that time, and not where he or she was born. It is not for nothing said that "as many languages one speaks that many times he or she is a person".

     What is the catalyst for thought?

   The catalyst, or the trigger, for a thought is a question. (Among horsemen we were not allowed to ask questions, lest we think instead of listen and observe, the latter two, the only way to learn, while the former, the "thinking", is a genuine impediment to anyone's learning process in gaining new information in such situations. This is also why animals "learn", (gain new instincts,) much faster than humans.)

   Without questions there is no thinking, which can be observed in young children, and I have raised five and became clearly aware of it. The human brain does not start to function fully until the child asks the first question, though often they are unintelligible, often using only sound instead of a clear word (a little kids think they speak when they just mumble, and I do not think I have an accent). But I am sure that once a child masters the art of speech, usually around the age of four, what you surely encounter in most normal children is endless questions, as the new brain, as if on fire, becomes hungry for information ("a knowledge").

     Unfortunately, it is in this very sensitive and crucial stage of children development/growth that we lie to them and deceive them, especially in this "modern world", which is another story. Suffice it to say you can rest assured that you too are the victim of this genuine child abuse done, and worst of all condoned, by most modern societies, in order to prepare (program) the child to become "the good citizen of the state". It was not for nothing said that "all children are smart, they just grow stupid as they get older", and of course this truth as always is self-evident in the prevailing human stupidity that we live in and that surrounds us.

     And so, without the word there is no speech, and without the speech there are no questions, and without the questions there is no thinking, and without the thinking there is no ability to change with intent the environment.

    The existential awareness gives us the awareness of "I am", and just like in the computer one needs the hardware to run the software, the hardware for this existential awareness is in what I call "dual spirituality", or in essence a mirror awareness.
   This dual spirituality, or this mirror awareness, gives us among other things not only the speech but also our conscience. In short one could say that a person is formed by two spirits, (the natural self-awareness + spiritual existential awareness), that acknowledge the existence of the other and thus reflect each other. In short, what we have inside us, (inside our mind), an often conflicting environment that shapes us and defines us, sort of like the outer environment defines and shapes animals, our inner psyche environment defines and shapes our soul, our individuality, our personality.

   We are defined and formed to an extent by the outer elements and the living environments, specifically our hearts besides the flesh (physical bodies), but also by our internal environment that is formed in our minds, or better said, the inner environment that we create via thinking - reprocessing gained information or misinformation. (Of course there is more to the human psyche than this, but I leave it in the relevant subjects).
Needless to say that we need a huge brain for this, and the information stating that we use only 10% of our brains is complete bullshit, but that is another story. In reality the human brain could be divided into (2 x 3) + 1, (2 halves, three layers and the center awareness of all six, hence we live in a six + 1 dimensional awareness, or one could say in a "cubical", a square box, where all walls are made of mirrors, in which case the formal (2 x 3) + 1 gets multiplied twice for the total of 12 + 2. The horse's brain could be presented as (2 x 1) + 1, (two halves, one layer) for the total of 3, hence three dimensional self- awareness but "two dimensional" (computer like) environmental awareness, but all this is another story.

     Most of our conflicts in our lives derive from the obvious conflicts between the inherited instinctive animal nature (also called the flesh) and our spiritual/existential awareness. It was not for nothing said that the "flesh wages a war on one's soul", hence we humans live in constant internal conflict, or we can get drugged up to make our dying easier.
    The existentially aware life, in the greater scheme of things, is never ending conflict between existence and non-existence, hence the "to be or not be" is the life long question. I do not wish to go to the scientific, let alone philosophical aspects of all this, because it would only be more confusing to most, while bearing no fruits in understanding one self, especially when with horses.

If women love animals like this, what sane man would want to be loved by a woman that loves like this? A man is well advised to stay from women that love animals, for he surely be treated like one.

If that is not enough, you can be loved even more.

     The main point of this article is to bring to one's attention the core difference between humans and animals, which is self-evident in our speech alone, for if a horse for example would have this "existential awareness", we would not call the horse an animal, but we would have to call the horse a "horse being", same as we call humans "human beings".
     The part "be", of the word being, pretty much hints and defines the concept of human existential awareness, the sixth sense, or the sixth awareness. It is therefore highly recommended, especially for those that claim that all this is nonsense, or that I do not stand behind my words and publication, to stand behind their concepts of realities, and if they believe that animals love and think, then they should stop calling animals animals but start to call them beings.
     At least in this way they can publicly expose their stupidity, as well as their hypocrisy, not to mention crudeness, since they treat animals as animals and not as beings, especially when it comes to owning such life, which is not present anywhere in nature.

    And so, the worse thing anyone can do when dealing and caring for animals is to humanize them, in which case he or she will not only fail to understand them and fail to relate to them, but most of all will end up abusing them.
     The folks that humanize animals present the worst of corruption and hypocrisy under the sun, as they claim that animals think, love and are aware of their state, and yet they have no problem in "enslaving"* them and use them for their pleasure, entertainment or whatever purpose they invent and justify.

Metaphorically speaking - A horse's nightmare begins when a little girl asks, "Mommy I want a horse". Most modern women simply cannot outgrow their childish concept of nature and animals within, and they took many men with them these days.

     It is because animals do not possess the existential awareness that they do not know their state of existence, and so if anyone is speaking of some enslavement* of animals, he is simply talking out if his or her ass, because for true enslavement the enslaved has to be aware of his or her enslave state, otherwise one could also say that we are enslaving machines.
    In conclusion, if the need for thinking would be part of the "accidental natural evolution" (according Darwin's concept), taking into consideration that the equine specie has one of the longest and unbroken evidence of evolutionary lines lasting according to science several millions of years, well, the equine species should be flying the galaxies by now, or at least have some union to protect their rights. If horses would be aware of their state and thus able to think, the first thing all horses would do is hire a lawyer.
   Oh, I almost forgot that we already have people protecting the animals' rights, while trampling in the process on the rights of free man. Please keep in mind that the earth is not ours, it does not belong to us, and so the destiny of this planet is not our business. If it is going to cook it will cook, if it is going to freeze it will freeze.

      I will be bringing to light in other publication these so-called animal rights groups like Peta, the Humane Society etc., which for most part are loony people pursuing some political agendas to receive attention by playing on human emotions, while exploiting the suffering of animals. They are not about the animals, they are all about "the sucker born every minute", wake up!  

    A cat got splashed by the mud from the by going car, in two years or so she will be able to hire a lawyer and sue the driver. Sadly, this is not a joke but a reality of the absurdity of humanity that is going mad, heading for inevitable self-destruction, because of its ability to think and its inability to deal with new knowledge/information.
    I guess the "Don't eat from the tree, lest you will die" comes to mind, doesn't it? Our society, especially the world leadership, is like some chimpanzee (s) running around with loaded 45 in a mall full of people. It does not take much intellect to imagine the outcome, especially if one believes that he is a mere thinking monkey, as according to Darwin.

    As it has been said, "Knowledge without God given wisdom brings forth confusion, chaos and self-destruction", and of course the truth is self-evident, providing you are not blind or ignorant or both.

    In conclusion, and as evidence that people perceive things backwards and upside down, the following now will make much more sense, especially after reading this article.

     "I think, therefore I am", is obviously backwards, since we need the existential awareness to think, hence it is the existential awareness that gives us the ability to think, as described in fair details above. And so the quote should be, "I am, therefore I think".
     The animals have no concept of "I am" what so ever, and the only question they asked, if it could be seen as question is "what?" There is no connection of the existential "is" or "am". And so, when a horse for example responds to something unknown it simply observes it, if it does not first flee into a safer distance, and then by motion attempts instinctively to provoke response motion in the unknown.

     And finally, since animals have no existential awareness, they of course do not think, but they also do not understand/perceive mirrors as we do, because we have one within our own person (as pointed out previously), which is what forms a being and his or her personality awareness, hence he or she can state "I am".
    The connective element between the two spirits/psyches is the existential "is" (existence), the connective "space/link/light" (like between you and a mirror), hence the other will respond to "I am" with, "Who am I", and the thinking process begins like a lightning, literally. Hence again, "I am, therefore I think", and not the other way around, since the "I think, therefore I am" was achieved through the thinking process and not by awareness and therefore it is obviously perceived by that thinker backwards.

     On the same note, "the answers to all questions were formed before the questions" (A man cannot think, imagine or create in his mind anything that is not already in existence, hence man could not invent God, though man can create lies about that which exists, hence lies exist solely in minds.), but I leave it at that, as I presume some of you may already experiencing a headache and I am taking this somewhat too far for most to understand.


We can teach them all sorts of things, but we cannot teach them understanding, hence we cannot tell them anything, and so they do not know their state of existence. The crudeness and ruthlessness of humanity rests in making animals into living toys, while the hypocrisy of it all rests that we believe they think, and even worse, that they love us for it.

      The term "self-awareness" is often misused and usually applied only to humans, however if animals would not have self-awareness they simply could not be aware of their social status, nor they could relate to life, not to mention they could not have the instinct of self-preservation and all related instincts. It is primarily the society of the same species, as well as, the living environment that gives the individual his or its self-awareness (the living environment is their mirror, as much as it is to us), as opposed to the existential awareness that is outside of the evolutionary stage of animals, hence unnatural or one could say even super-natural, and so we lord it over the animals. We could say that we are one level up in the awareness of realities (there are more levels but this would not be pertinent to the subject of relating to animals.)

    The self-awareness is something else than the existential awareness, because the self-awareness gives one the awareness of oneself in relevance to the living environment by the more evolved/formed species, but it will be short of delivering the self-awareness in existence in relevance to the time, hence animals simply have no clue that they will die one day.
   The instinct of self-preservation gives one the self-awareness, as much as the existential awareness gives one the awareness of time in relevance to his existence, as in, the beginning and the end, and with the speech the ability to think. Without speech there is no thinking, and without existential awareness there is no need for thinking. Hence the speech can evolve only in the existentially aware being on the base/platform of the existential-awareness. "I am, therefore I think", and not the other way around.
   We humans, as well as mammals, have self-awareness, and it is through this self-awareness that we relate to animals and them to us. The horses and dogs and such do not respond only from instincts, but also from what and how they feel (density and tolerance of pain and the fear of it), which is the next and another subject, lest this article becomes confusing and too long.

    The level of one's self-awareness rests on one's senses and their functions, as in this case the five senses, which transubstantiate into us, as well as, into the animals, the living environment. Without the living environment there is simply no self-awareness. And so it is the living environment that creates in the individual the self-awareness through the available senses, like the five in us, and like the five senses in the animals that have them. Needless to say that without the self-awareness there is no existential awareness.

     And so, instead of speaking about more intelligent beings, if and when referring to the extraterrestrial, we should speak of beings possessing more awareness, or better said a higher level of awareness than us. On the same note separating animals from humans on the base of intelligence is simply false, because intelligence is primarily about one's ability to learn from experience, in which case many animals are more intelligent than most humans, since the learning in animals is not only instinctive, but of the essence to one's self-preservation. Ironically most people are not aware of the latter, though they should be, since they are not animals. So one could say that animals may or may not lack in intelligence, but only people are stupid, because they think.

Summation definitions:

Awareness of one-self in relevance to the living environment.
Existential awareness:
(In addition to, and not without, the self-awareness.)
Awareness of one-self and one's existence in relevance to the universal string-time aspect of time, the beginning and the end, as well as the related space/limitations, hence our concepts of the past, presence and the future. The human mind is framed into this triangle and simply cannot think or imagine anything outside of it, hence limited by the time and the space created by that time.


Written by Ludvik K Stanek a.k.a Lee Stanek (2010)