Possible danger of Rollkur to the rider

Your horse may learn a bad habit from this.

    Note that the mechanical power of the lever bit (curb bit) is drastically reduced due to the angling between the reins and the horse's jaw. This is a good place for the horse to get away from it.

    In simple words, this is not only abusive to the horse, but also dangerous to both the rider and the horse. You do not have to be a genius to simply see it, but again the experience is unforgettable.

    I have started more than a hundred young horses in my life. In my younger days I was also so stupid that I even rode in rodeos, on horses and bulls alike. However, you can rest assured that if at anytime I would happen to sit on a horse that had learned to do this (see pic on the left), I would simply dismount, excused myself and leave, never looking back. Once the horse learns to yield to the bit like this, you will never get it off the forehand.   

    Furthermore, if a horse like this gets freaked out when you are on top of it (they all have it in them), how to hell do you expect to stop it? I have no clue, and what’s worse is that once the horse learns this it is almost impossible to correct, because it is here that the horse can discover the weakest place in the rider’s influence over the horse’s motion: at this point, the rider’s influence is almost nullified (the horse 99% irresponsive to the seat and hand aids). To add to this, the horse can see nothing in front of itself, so, unless the horse picks its head up, you can expect to run into a fence, ditch or even better, some nice concrete wall. 

    Hence Rollkur not only teaches the horse to travel too heavily on the forehand, but it also gives the horse the opportunity to discover how to evade (minimize) the influence of the rider, and especially of the bit. If that happens you can pull or “seesaw” all you want, you can do all the taking or giving (or whatever you call it) and it’ll all be for nothing, because once a horse like this "packs it up" with you, you are gone. Now imagine that Rollkur actually gets the horse fit for this, so you can run off faster and further, as far as the highway-that is, if you are lucky and don’t run into anything.

   You can click here to see what happens with horses that were trained via the Rollkur, where presumably a well trained horse only spooks and the rider completely looses control over the horse. That clip supports all of the above and it shows the incompetence of the riders at the "top" levels. 

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Edited by J. G. May 12th, 2006
Written by Ludvik K Stanek a.k.a Lee Stanek