I write only when I am motivated, and since your email caught me in that moment here is some that you may, or may not, find eye opening. I wish you would read it more than once.

    First of all I would like to say that I do not write about things that I’ve read or heard, nor I express my thoughts or opinions. I write about what I’ve lived (live), what I’ve done (do) and what I saw (see), hence none of it is up for debate. 
    The problems people are having on the site is that they mostly do not understand what is written, which is by the way explained in many of the writings why they cannot understand it. Understanding of words alone complicates the comprehension of the reader as to some point in your case. 
    The word love means so many things to so many people, not even the dictionary has it accurate. The word idiot mostly points at a person who thinks he knows something while in reality he does not. That is not erring, that is simply stupidity, which I am trying to point out in the writings. 
    This website is not placed here to educate or to inform but hopes to entice people to reevaluate their actions not only with horses but in life by asking them selves (not others) what they are doing and why they are doing it. If people can see clearly and manage to answer these question honestly to them selves they will be able to see the truth within them selves. However, most people are judgmental and their thinking is simply impaired by it, because they are unable to see things for what they are and everything must be categorized in either correct or incorrect, write or wrong, or good and evil. In addition their emotion interfere with clear judgment, hence most people are unable to see their own realities, or better said they refuse to see it, hence blind.

    I see you have done a little self-examination and by being honest to your self you simply are able to see some of the realities. The unfortunate result of it is that you simply cannot deny it since you are able to see it, which in return sets you apart from most people and you find yourself alone. However, be aware of very important fact, though alone you will find yourself much stronger and freer every time you see more of the realities of yourself and around you. You will not be able to give it up, you will just have to learn to stand alone, which means free, hence the truth will set one free. People are fools, they want freedom yet they fear to be alone, how ironic? 
    Freedom exists only within a man; outside of him there is no such things.

    The issue with love is simple. The female world has romanticized it just like they did horses, sort of made a dream and fiction of something that is real. Here again, ask yourself what is love. 
    Most believe that it has to do with feelings and is something that one feels. In most cases they are using the word love to replace words like passion, desire, want, joy or the word “like” itself. As you can see all these words are self oriented since they represent solely the interest of that individual. 
    The word love in the biblical term represents something else and is also very easy to explain without any confusion. Love is not of the nature, hence any one who claims to love and says there is no God is a genuine idiot, because love is about self-denial while nature is about self-preservation (major conflict), hence love is not of the nature, therefore is supernatural. Simple to see, to understand for any one without any prejudice and with an open mind for anything. 
    Human love does not originate in feelings, but its substance lies in loyalty and courage. It is a blend of the natural with the supernatural, the courage from the animal’s heart and the self-denying loyalty from the supernatural. Those who are capable to love only a little, they are loyal to death to that which they love, and to love is to know and to live for. 
    So, one cannot love horses if he does not know them, hence most people love their own perception of horses; in short they love them selves. One is better off saying that he likes horses, that he enjoys their company or time spent with them, but all that is selfish. 
    People think that their horse loves them or likes them, while in reality the horse by its natural instincts adjusted itself to live with them (to the environment), while at the same time becoming dependant on them. In the latter case most people (horse lovers) underestimate the huge responsibility that it carries.

    Horses cannot love because they are truly creatures of nature; hence they are governed by the nature, which is all about life's own preservation. This alone is admired by me, to see the horses so hungry to live that they adjust just about to anything, and not only to survive in that, but they can live in that for long time. 
    If horses showed me something, it was the creature's desire, or better said extremely strong will to live. I’ve seen horses endure horrors, yet their hearts or spirits would not quit. That is what I see when I see a horse, but do I love them? No, I am not even sure if I am capable to love anything, yet all people that I’ve asked if they are capable to love, they all answered “yes”. How amazing it is that I find myself standing here, doubting my ability to love, while “the whole world is full of love”.

    Some folks that did not meet me came to conclusion, after reading my website, that I am an angry and hateful person, but I cannot find any of that in myself, anymore that in the course of my entire life I cannot find even a small trace of envy. Most of the anger and hate in people comes from envy, and as I’ve said I have none.

    Most of my writing is impulsive, I need motivation and when I encounter something during a day that affects me to the point to write about it, I do it. I simply share my life with whom ever, though most of the time people piss on it, which of course does not offend me or insult me. Only idiots can be insulted, and those who are insulted are idiots, because only proud people can feel insulted, and a pride is a sister of stupidity and they always come together. 
    There is simply nothing that man can be proud of since nothing is his, not even his life, though we often say “my life”, as I say it though meaning something else then most. I have nothing to feel proud of, but much to feel ashamed off, because of life entrusted to me was mistreated and abused by me, whether animals or human. 
    There are countless things that I should have done and did not do, one could say that my sins have piled up as high as heaven, but because mercy triumphs over judgment I am able to see all that, grow from it and still remain fascinated by life of all forms, and as in my childhood my eyes are still wide open since I’ve never set any goals for myself.

    I do not like to reply to feedbacks, and often I do not reply to emails, because I do not like written conversations, because they often go misunderstood since one does not see the other’s face, whether man is smiling or not, nor one sees the other’s eyes. 
    People, reading my website, often think I am angry, while most of the articles I’ve written on the controversies page were done in humor (the animation is not there for nothing). In some cases I had to stop writing and take a break, because I could not stop laughing from things coming to my head. Well, one needs to meet genuine horsemen in order to understand their humor. 
    Horsemen are not self-proclaimed, horsemen are people that work and live with horses, in short it is their life, and some are better at it than others. By working I mean literally working with hands as in livelihood, not in teaching, selling, trading or showing (competing) horses, hence horsemen are for most part not well off financially. 
    Making money with horses is something else then working with horses for living, and I have done that latter 45 years in many places, with many horses and people and the only riches one collects is not money but truth, because horses reflect their environment, which includes the horsemen and people, and in the horse one can see him self if he is perceptive and honest enough. 
    People ask “Why can’t I catch my horse, it will not come to me?” Just how blind one must be to ask this from another?

    So, the truth is everywhere and it is up to you to see it. You do not need a teacher or advice, just ask the right questions of your self and answer them without judgment, prejudice, feelings or any other self-interest or justification. 
    Do I own a horse? No, I would not know what to do with it, but I enjoy their company most of the time, though times I feel I could kill some, but since love is not a feeling I do not kill them. 
    First time, when in my teens (after two years of school and one year of experience), when I became responsible for horses in my care, which was my job, I felt extremely frightened. I sat next to the animals, looking at them in the stalls, thinking that what ever I do or don’t do they will have to live with, they had no choice. 
    I still see it, and worse yet, I see them in the hands of people that do not know enough about them. Placing a horse in the hands of a person that has limited knowledge about the animals (false perception of them) is highly irresponsible and no amateur horse owner should be placed in such responsible position, but Parelli will not tell you that, he will tell you that you can do it with his instructions. 
    One should first work with horses for several years (8 hour days) under qualified supervision before he takes into his hands the life of that creature. This is why only people that can afford it should own horses, because they can hire a qualified horseman to take care of these animals. 
    This of course does not sit well with the “equine industry” or the amateur horse owner, now does it? The biggest abuse to horses is at the back yards of the horse lovers. I see it every day! 
    The horse racing is like horse heaven when compared to what horses have to endure in the hands of the amateurs that are full of desire to have their OWN horse, and yet the horse endures. Most of us would commit suicide should we be in their place. 
    People with less money buy one horse, people with more money buy farms and fill them with horses, and some build arenas and establish them selves as instructors, or even worse, decide to become trainers after taking some Parelli's course or watching some tapes on training horses. It is all horror spreading like a fire fueled with desire to own and ride horses and all who benefit from it just blow on the fire, like Parelli, veterinarians, drug companies, horse traders, movie makers, book writers and so on.

    Direct replies:

    You: “Well, read them all and separate the wheat from the chaff.”
    Reply: Hard to do if one is blind or he knows not one from the other.

    Further more “your misunderstanding of violence”, as by most put in the category of “bad” or “wrong”, or even “evil”.

    The nature, from its beginning, functions on violence and fear, just go and look what horses do to each other. Cowards propagate no violence (it hurts their feelings and they fear it); hence we are becoming a world of cowards. War and battle show and test man’s heart and if a horse asks for violence it must be delivered otherwise the horse will lose respect. Unfortunately most horses get hit because the person has no idea what is happening, and book will not help to see. It is not about dominance it is all about brave hearts. 
    Horses, like all animals, like the company of the brave and many will test the other’s heart. You are generalizing things you do not understand, comparing non violent with violent, rather than courage with fear. It is not a pleasant thing to hit a child or horse, but times it must be done, because without violence and fear hearts will not grow brave and that is what the Earth is all about. Only the strong and brave live, the week and the cowards will perish. What is the human thinking or opinions have to do with this, who is there to say this to be either wrong or right? 
    Women propagate non-violence because they fear pain more than death and have no courage to inflict it when it is called for, unless they are controlled by feelings like scorn and hate in which case they can go completely “satanic”.  On one hand they want to be free and on the other they insist there should be a law against this or that. 
    Your horse will kick your brains out, what will he do? He will go eat some grass nearby. To understand nature you need to stop using your mind so much, remove all felling, and start to use your heart. Reading about it is useless; you need to live it to understand. 
    If you cannot see the nature in its true light, you will not be able to ever rise above it, or better said, unable to break the chains of this Earth. 
    We are nothing but thinking monkeys whose thinking is corrupted by the natural instinct of self-preservation and like animals we are governed by fear and greed and only love (not the common wisdom and politically correct concept) can deliver a man from this condemnation. Should you look for hell, look around, you are in it. 
    Life in the universe has no enemy except the very thing it came from, the time. There is no good and evil but everything is about life duration, because all self-aware beings in due time will wish not to be. “To be or not be is the question”, when will one ask this of himself, in 100 years, 1,000 years or more? 
    The bible is not about rewards or immortality but it is about the individual duration of life, hence everlasting not immortal. Ironically all those who believe in God will say that God is immortal, while completely forgetting that immortality goes hand and hand with insanity. How little do they understand? 
    If God is immortal he cannot die and if there is something that God cannot do then he is no longer omnipotent. Hence the truth is that God is mortal but he will not die because he is Love and love lives for others. 
    Love is not something you feel, do, say, give, express or wish for, love is something that you live. The thinking monkeys say: "Today is the first day of the rest of my life", while the living say:  "Today is a new day and it will bring new life and I will live forever". The formal seeks life to enjoy and the latter seeks life to embrace.

    The law condemns a man and limits his liberties, yet we create more of it while saying that we are now freer than ever. 
    The religious live by laws, thinking they will be rewarded for doing it, completely forgetting that the law is needed for thinking monkeys who would devour each other without it. If a man does not sin because he is afraid of the consequences (punishment), he is nothing but a coward, but if man does not steal because he does not wish to do that, he is genuine and needs no law that forbids it. He has risen just a bit above the rest of the thinking monkeys. 
    The less laws a society needs the higher evolutionary level it is, the more laws it needs the more corrupt it becomes. Who are you? Where are you? Answer to your self the first and you will see clear as day the latter.

    Remember, things are not what they seem and since erring is human most of us are wrong most of the time, while life and truth are not subject to judgment. Hence I repeat, I write about my life, about what I see and do, and the articles are only a small extraction of it, often out of context when standing alone, some created by momentarily impulse with no particular aim at anything except at lies. 
    Life is not about joy and peace but it is about growth, and we seldom grow in “good time”, while the hardship often prove itself a better fertilizer for life, though it does not feel “good”. Henceforth saying to someone to enjoy his life is like saying to someone to die, or whishing someone happiness is like wishing him no growth or prosperity.  
    No man is born in flesh without the pain of the flesh, no man is born in the spirit without the pain of the spirit. Not all are born of the spirit since cowards run from spiritual pain and hide in self-deception, beliefs, religions and other drugs. These will die like animals, because only the spirit can cross the boundaries of time in the universe. No spirit is born in a body without a brave heart, because the mind of a coward squeezes the life out of his own soul.

    Take care


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