Thanks again for interesting input, but this time I can say you have opened up a can of worms so to speak. First of all, most of my articles are out of context, they need other articles to be complete. I usually write them in the order of inspiration rather than in the order of understanding, hence I do not expect them to be understood, especially when standing alone. To reply fully to your contribution would take a lot of writing, hence I will reply to some and we will see where it will going to take us as we go. Please do not be offended by any of the following. I am addressing you directly as in a conversation for better understanding; I am not accusing you of anything.

     The particular article on predator and pray was inspired exactly by the notion that was commonly practiced in education of young horsemen, that the horse perceive us as predator when on his back, hence the direct reply to it and condemnation of such nonsense.
    My publications are aimed mainly to conquer lies and misinformation, and are not constructed for educational purposes. One visitor described it in a following way in her feedback. “I enjoyed reading your articles but after visiting your website I was left hanging in a sort of limbo (so to speak)”. In other words I have taken the lies away and replaced them with nothing or very little, thus people tend to be left in a confused state. I will give you an example what I mean by horsemanship and what it entail, by telling you about some of my experiences.

     Monday I was called to shoe horse in a place where I have quit three years ago. I could not stand their foreman, his ignorance and mainly his approach to horses and treatment of them. Never the less I did go there, because my daughter rides horses there for free. I was told that one of the horses I had to do is very difficult and that the tranquilizer is by the stall for me to use it.
    As we’ve arrived I have shod one horse and the foreman, who the horses disliked immensely, came to see how I was doing. I have asked him if the difficult horse has to be done before the weekend and if she is the part of horses scheduled on planed trail ride. He said, with a little pleasure in his face, that the horse has to be done and told me about the tranquilizer. I have asked him if I have a chance to get the horse done without it. He replied that it will never happened, that the filly will rear up, kick and god knows what. I have replied that I will not use the tranquilizer, that I am no fool and that I will not go under a doped up horse (I cannot relate to drunk horse or a person). If I cannot do her without it I will simply not do the horse, and that’s it.
    He left, saying that I am the blacksmith and I can do what I want. After he left I told my daughter (22) to bring the horse out for me to check her out before anyone will come. She brought the horse; I picked up the legs, felt the horse out and told her that I’ll try to shoe her. I’ve picked the front leg up trimmed it and put it back down. My daughter had pet the horse and said “good girl”. At that point she received a strong reprimand from me, for sticking her nose into something she has no idea about, and that she is to stand there and stay out of what was purely between me and the horse, lest she will disturb the activity.
    Further more I’ve told her that she had no idea of what is happening in front of her, even though she’s been around horses ten years or more. She new better, and replied that she does not know what is going on and apologized. I have shod the horse all the way around, though there was no apparent difficulty to a greenhorn eye, she took the best out of me to get the work done. It was like a fast dance with a devil, she was fast and every time I’ve stepped out of the beat (I’ve made about 20 to 30 mistakes) I had to back off for 30 seconds or so and if in any moment I would have just a touch of anger in me I would have been out of there in a minute. In addition it was her first set of shoes in the back, which no one told me beforehand either, not that it would matter.
   Now what am I, a horse whisperer? The horse whisperer is nothing but another marketing bullshit concept, there is no such thing and here is how it in reality works. Science is out of place in as much as reasoning is, because there are no such things in nature. There is no kindness, reason, love, compassion or any other soggy bullshit that is being sold to people, who want to believe it. There is nothing but the truth and one either see it or he does not, opinions and theories are irrelevant. So how have I managed to do the horse? Well, first of all I did not come as some dominating individual, because there is no such thing in nature as dominance, there is only strength and heart. When I come to a horse, for most part I know (see) in an instance who and what the horse is (horse is aware of it in an instance), in the same way as the horse recognizes in an instance what I am (I am aware of it in an instance). Horses among humans are for most very lonely creatures, but you do not read about it, not just because it sounds sad, but because horseman for most part don’t write, because most of them do not know how, as in my case, and the amateurs or science have simply no clue.

      Now for better understanding you need a little imagination. Imagine that aliens took you from this planet to some other one, where the species did not use voice, sound or language to communicate. They used other form of communication unknown to you, which in no way you could learn or understand. After a while you adjust and come to terms with your lot, just as horses do. Times you would be even happy when they would provide for you some earthly pleasures (in case of horses treats or food, turn out and such), but all in all you would be alone. Just imagine your joy if one day comes one of the aliens and would actually speak your language. Mind you very badly, but yet you would be simply overwhelmed.
   That is what most horses feel when they encounter a horseman (mainly horses that live among people that do not relate to them). I have simply shod the horse by responding to her and her responding to me, there was no dominance or exercise of some authority, nor some love or kindness was present only the acknowledgment of one another. The exchange between the horse and horseman is very fast; our reasoning is just too slow for it and cannot comprehend what is in the horse’s heart anyway. Such thing can be developed in human only by horses, hence horses make horseman. In return the horse handled by a horseman for certain period of time will develop (better said reflect) a form of respect. There is no way to put this in words or even describe what is going on, hence any instruction on how to deal with horses are for most part false (lies). My daughter asked me how is it that the horse stood and what was happening, since she did not see evidence of anything.

     Again I told her that this cannot be described and I tried to compare it to the following. Remember the two balls in the science class where the lighting jumps form one to the other, well that is what was going on, but you cannot see it. It all came down to simple things, the horse asked I gave, I asked the horse gave, back and forth, sort of like a dance and by the time the hour was over the horse was done. Now tell me how can one tell people how to ride their horse or how to train one, since without the ability to relate to the horse it is impossible. Of course people do not need to be horsemen to get the basic things done with horse, nor they need to be some experts for that matter, because horse’s nature is about adapting and adjusting, hence horses, for most part, will in time adjust to any nincompoop.
    However, what a true horsemanship comes down to is seeing the truth, which people furiously refuse to see, because it shatters their dreams (illusions). Here is one of the illusions. The foreman's wife has birds, which she proudly showed me properly caged up, while at the same time expressing her love for the particular birds and calling them her babies. How can a human being be so corrupt, that she cages up one bird and clips wings on an other, so it doesn’t fly away, and at the same time saying that she loves them. On the same note, kids and grown people often ask me what kind of horse do I have and my reply never gets a reply. I say, I do not have any, and when they ask why, I say that is because I like them (not love them); folks, even kids, smile and walk away. What could they possibly say?

    The above story should also help you shed some light on who mister Parelli is. That is not a person but it is a merchandize (commercialized prostitute), nothing but a palatable bullshit, because people care more about the taste than what they are eating. If you make shit taste like ice cream and tell them that it is one, they will eat it and come for more. Later on when you tell what they’ve eaten, they will for most part refuse to believe it. Parelli is the Britney Spears of horse world, just like she is phony in her performance on stage so is Parelli's horsemanship, nothing but bullshit, but since it is highly palatable (as Britney is) everyone one wants a piece of it.

     Horses, or any animals for the matter, do not think as we do. In order to get a simple perception of what is and what is not, one must first recognize where what belongs. There are simple three criteria to which things belong. The nature, the world (society, civilization, laws etc) and the things of the spirit. One cannot mix them together as neither has any regards for the other. In simple way, the ducks are flying across the borders without passports shitting on anyone's nationality. People capture animals and either eat them or keep them for entertainment, the formal quite natural the latter is "civilized". On the same note money has no real value unless we believe it.
    Since money make the world go round the world is also a fiction, hence our society and our thinking is based on fiction. We believe what we want, we prefer beliefs before truth, because when truth comes it will take our beliefs away and leaves us stand naked and empty. The laws of our society, our thinking or reasoning have no bearing on the nature, the universe or the spirit. You are mixing oranges and apples when you are comparing your reasoning of your relation with your boss to horses. To see the human nature you need to go to prison in which case the boss jailbird there would not bite you but would beat a hell out of you, if not kill you.

     We are living in a feminine society, in which the law is aimed to protect the weak and that is how we ended up with such pussies like George leading this country. How long will it be before we will all die out? In nature killing is no crime and violence is a part of an orchestra to which all the creatures on the earth dance. Your human approach to horses is highly corrupt (I am not talking about your personality, please do not misunderstand) on account of your reasoning, which in addition is made unreasonable on account of your emotions and feeling, to which the rest of the universe and nature (horses) is again indifferent because of its irrelevance. To understand horses, one needs to understand the life within the nature, the place where there is no love, no compassion, understanding, mercy or kindness.
    The word kindness means one thing to you and another to a horseman. You see a debilitated horse and you try to save it (that’s feminine), while I see kindness in putting it out of its misery (replace it with a healthy one), because that is what the nature would do, as some beast would come and kill the poor horse, while another is born. You cannot mix civilization with the nature; you cannot make animals civilized, that is where the corruption lies, when we lie to our selves to justify our vanity in the use of animals for our own pleasure. I think there is nothing more corrupt than to use and possess a creature for pleasure, while claiming to love that poor beast. Now tell me, who wants to hear this? Do you think I could sell a book? Hardly, before I would sell a book someone would stone me, or something. Someone said;
  “I love horses I have ten of them”. What if I would say,  “I love women I have ten of them”. Well, the latter would not go over so well anymore, would it? People would say, woman is not an animal it is a human being, and suddenly there is a difference between animals and us.
   On one hand people, especially women call their pets (unfortunately and often the horses as well) my baby and pretty much relate to such unfortunate animal in similar way. Such horse will live in that kind of alien world till he dies, a place where it is not heard or responded to in the way that is natural to it. We take horses from their nature; we take their lives away and replace it with emptiness. On one hand we include our humanity into the nature there where it suit us, and there, where it does not we don’t, and that is how we deceive our selves on daily basis. Hell, we even pay money for such lies.

    Horsemanship is about the ability to relate and adjust. I have shod the horse because I was able to relate and adjust to the animal and the animal was able to relate and adjust to me (cannot do it with all horses, but with most). It is simple as that. There is no whispering or magic, it is down outright very simple if one can see what is happening (perceptiveness), or better said if one can see the truth. This cannot be taught by any man, but by God and horses, and one needs to spend a lifetime with both to learn it.
   The entire time the horse never felt trapped, I was more vulnerable than her and to test my heart she bit me twice (it hurt but form the horse perspectives it was not intended to hurt), which in action I ignored but not in my heart (I was not going to take much of it, and she new that). She was not afraid because I was not afraid, she drew her confidence from me as I drew it from her and so on and on. Please do not misunderstand me, I deal with horses as it's needed, which is determined not by me but by the horses.
   There were rare times (and still may be) I’ve beaten a living shit out of a horse when it needed to be, and when the horse looked in my heart he new I was willing to kill him or die, that one of us had to give in or die and I was not afraid of the latter (I mean literally, you cannot fake that) but that is another story. When it was over the horse stuck to me like glue, because it was the safeties place to be for him, because I was not afraid. Horses like that, though rare as they are, cannot stand the weak and cowards, hence they are usually branded as mean and nasty, since they go after everything that comes near them with fear in the heart. Most importantly I do not hit horses out of anger but out of the necessity of the moment, there is no anger in me what so ever when I reprimand a horse.

    The above mentioned young filly that I have shod was looking for anger in me all the time I was working on her, because she was obviously beaten by an angry man, she was even trying to provoke me to it. If and when a person hits a horse out of anger, he is not responding to the horse but acting out his feeling on the animal. Sometime I have to work with horses that are extremely annoying to deal with, to prevent anger entering my heart I hum or sing to my self, because music seems to be the best medicine against anger, at least for me.

    I hope I have not offended you, it is not my intention.


     It is completely idiotic concept that one needs to be or behave like a horse to relate to a horse. I am a human and horse is a horse, to try to act or "think" like a horse requires deception and nothing in nature can relate to that. Some trainers say that you need to get inside the horse’s head to know what’s happening, please rest assure there ain’t much there. One cannot reason his way into the horse’s heart or brain. In nature it is all about hearts, that is why you often see a little horse (a pony) with a big heart beating a shit out of a big horse with a little heart (very unreasonable).
   This is the place where one relates to horse, but there are no words or instruction on how to get there. If a man has no sense for a rhythm, he will never dance, nor can he be taught. There is a heartbeat in the nature; same heart beat as in all creatures that came from it. It is in men as in animals, which is the common place to meet and relate (dance), as we all are earthlings and like the animals we are a part of this awesome array of life, yet we do not belong.

    No man ever uses the word “animal” to insult another man (unless he is in a confused sexual state), because hardly any man feels insulted when someone calls him an animal. However, women often call a man animal, to insult him, in which case most men just grin and ignore it or ask "What did I do?" On the other hand call a woman an animal, and most of them would feel highly insulted and offended. This is because uncorrupted man is much closer to the nature, to which he relates but also takes for granted.
   To a woman the nature is a garden and she wants a piece of it to call it her own (control), which then is her playground (hence we bring flowers to smooth thing out, buy a puppy or a horse for her to OWN!). Most men are like animals (inconsiderate) and most women are possessive (satanic) and most humans are extremely selfish like animals (people can be generous and still be selfish), and if you think you love your OWN children there is no difference between you and a duck in that department, because what you are feeling is not love but simple animal maternal instincts.

    Truth hurts only the deceived and the liars just lose the benefits from their lies. The deceived fear and resent the truth more than the deceivers, because it takes the life away from the formal, while the latter just has to come with new form of deception.

Written by Ludvik K Stanek a.k.a Lee Stanek