I have written that the food for veterinary hospitals (as well as the veterinarians) is the abuse of horses. Even none vet folks got offended by that and here is a simple truth to be observed and not believed. I have seen only two veterinarians with whom I was on friendly terms that pointed out to me that I was the cause of the injury that the horse suffered from and also showed me the cause and explained how to prevent similar injuries in the future.
    One of them was a very respected professor of surgery in very renown equine hospital and every time I brought an injured horse that was in my care, he addressed me in front of his student as: “Lee, did you hurt another horse again? What have you done to this one? To which I replied that I did not know what I have done and agreed that I’ve screwed up another one. This is how I’ve learned to prevent various injuries, because I had the chance to meet a decent human being, a horseman veterinarian who genuinely cared not only about horse, but people and life in general.

      Some people asked where did I learn “so much” about horses, and my reply was that it was because I’ve screwed up so many of them during my life. Till this day I believe that if a horse gets lame in my care, it could have been prevented, hence I am the one to blame and no one else and I look for solutions in my deeds and look for no excuses and that is how I keep learning all the time. Fortunately this man was of great help, not only in helping horses, but by educating me, helped me to learn to prevent many injuries.
    Thirty years ago his words to me: “We do not produce veterinarians here but nincompoops that do not care about nothing but graduating”, and now I see them everywhere. Diplomas do not make people decent or caring but their hearts do and most vets are nothing but a bunch of conceited and arrogant no-nothing cowards that are afraid to take stand and tell the people the truth, because they do not want to jeopardize their “hard earned” income.

     Most vets will not point out to the trainer, and especially not to the horse owner, that the injuries are caused by that person ignorance and or neglect, stupidity, selfishness, carelessness and so on and such, more likely because they do not know or are just simply afraid to tell. Most folks that hurt their horses have no clue that they’ve caused it, nor they know they abuse them when they do. I’ve pointed out in the comment that the vets do not wish to alienate any major equine industry, not to mention they do not want to offend their clients by telling them the truth.
   To a point I do understand (but not condone), because if a vet would tell the client, of which most of them are women, that they have injured their horse by either negligence, carelessness or ignorance the owners would never call them back and most importantly they would not believe him/her anyway. I believe that the latter is why most vets do not care anymore and gave up and go with the flow. I do not do this when it comes to injuries, I tell my clients exactly the truth if and when they are the cause of injury, some may not call me back, some even resent me and hate me, but some appreciate it very much.

    Person had five horses, three had foundered and then he called me, to which I pointed out that he was the cause, because they were all extremely obese and over fed. I told him that he was not killing them with kindness but with ignorance and selfishness, because he cared more about his feelings rather then doing what was suitable. Within a week a fourth horse foundered and he took it in a major equine clinic. When he came back I wanted to know what they said and asked if they said something about his horses being obese. He replied that he asked how they looked and the vet told him they were may be a little heavier but they were OK. This is only one case of several hundreds that I have witnessed. 50% of vets have no clue what they are doing, 45% do not care and only about 5% are decent of which only 2% are horsemen.

     Most common phrase of a veterinarian” I am not sure if this will help, but lets put the horse on this and see what will happen”. When I was younger and was sick I did not call my doctor I just went there and he took care of me. Here is my doctor (or was) today, similar to the vets of today. I call my new doctor saying that I was sick and that I have lost a hearing in one of my ears and that I do not feel well, a little dizzy. Reply was that he will see me in four weeks and when I said that I am sick now and that I need him now because I cannot go to work and need the money to live on (I have no financial reserves), his reply was that since I did not see him in the last year and half I have to wait, that I should go to a hospital emergency room. I could not go, it would be some $1,500 there as against the $75.00 visit to the doctor, I have no health insurance, cannot afford one and the doctor knew this. Well, I’ve said my prayers and went to bed.

    The vets do exactly the same thing, when there is an emergency call they do not go most of the time to people that do not use them regularly, like this would have anything to do with a horse that is in pain and needs immediate veterinary attention. An owner called her regular vet about horse in colic and a lot of pain, the office replied that he is going to auto races this afternoon and will see the horse tomorrow. A woman called a vet that horse is in colic, the vet was slow to call back, They got worried and called me, I told them over the phone what to do, the horse was fine within half an hour, they call the vet to cancel the emergency call, but still received bill for $90.00 because the vet charged them for getting dressed and starting up the car. This is what kind of human garbage most of them are theses days, including most doctors who now run commercials scaring people on TV so they run to them for help.

     This is not my opinion, this is what I saw and lived, and my advice to most horse owners is to get rid of their horses, because if something goes wrong there is simply no one to help most of the time. People call me at night when there is a sick horse, I go and help if I can, and I accept no money since I am not a veterinarian. I do not go to make me or them feel good, I do not go because I am some horse or animals lover that wants to help or God will reward me for some “good deed”, but I go because they called and I am a horseman and that is what horsemen do, they just go and do what has to be done. If I am in a middle of some sport match or a good movie on TV I still get up and go anyway and when I get back I do not feel good about myself, most of the time I am just pissed off that I’ve missed the movie.

     There is a major difference between you and me. You had to pay for who you are while I was getting paid for who I was. It does not take any extraordinary skills to show dressage or reining, but it takes mainly money and hunger for recognition. It also takes money to become a veterinarian in the US, while on the international level your title is not worth the paper that it is printed on. I on the other hand have no papers of that sort, but a recognized dressage trainers and riders paid me to train and ride their horses already some forty years ago. I did not have to bullshit anyone in order to spend lifetime training and riding horses while managing to support and raised five children with it, and that takes skills, character and mainly endurance.

   This site is set to oppose hypocrites and phonies like your self and it is definitely not vet friendly. Today’s doctors, veterinarians and lawyers belong to the same group with used car salesmen. You could not ever accept the truth, because your entire life is based on bullshit. I do not like members of your profession, because most of them rob the same people that you call “true horse people”. The word show is synonymous with phony, fake, deception etc., hence all show people are phony when they are at the show and you will never find a genuine horseman in a show circle, that is why you have never met any. Listen to yourself what kind of nincompoop you are, there is no “TRUE HORSE WORLD” it is all about money and greed, but since you are part of it, you could not possibly see it. If there is no truth in what I write and it is a joke as you state, what kind of a fool are you to reply to it? If I am an idiot, doesn’t your reply to me make you even bigger one? Don’t you have any brains at all? In addition I have an excuse to write poorly, what’s yours?

    Dear doctor you are nothing but self-center conceited prick. This is not an insult but a fact, because when I see a horse in horrible pain, moaning in pain and there is no vet to be found, playing golf or drinking vine somewhere, I feel highly repulsed by everything your profession stands for these days. Oh, I forgot, they are only animals, right? You or any other human should not be in this profession if you cannot drop what ever to respond to call when animal is in pain or dying. I have yet to see a vet to educate a client on how to prevent colic when on call. There may be some, but more likely telling some bullshit since their experience in caring for healthy horses is non-existent.

     Good old saying, now more accurate than ever, “Stay away from doctors, lawyers and preachers”. They all have one thing in common, making money of people’s fear. First they scare you and then they come like a cavalry to save you.



Written by Ludvik K Stanek a.k.a Lee Stanek