Horse Athletes and Horse Lovers

Message: It appears to me your self title says it all- "manpro". Not very reverant or humble to human or equine. I am with you on any abuse. It's evil. On Dressage, with means to dicipline equals to taining, you have not perfected it and therefore, unhappy with it but really yourself. I have just riden a horse when I have noticed the insync of becomeing one in balance and movement. Oh what a feeling and accomplishment! The actual art of Dressage and it objective is very much that and limberness of both horse and rider. If the techniques and diciplines are used wrong then the rider MUST work on getting them corrected and then the riding of Dressage is and only then being executed in the manner in which is is designed with horse and rider movements. Like any sport whether the athelete is a human or equine, you have to achieve agility, knowledge, experience which means a lot of reputition,much like we learnto walk or do ABC's, and putting it to some test. And that doe!
sn't mean competition.
I love all animals and have many now!


I usually do not response to nonsense comments like these, but to this message I have to, in order to point out exactly what I stand for and what I stand against. Your message presents the human corruption in the highest degree and I will show where. According to your writing you look like some goofy teenager with very poor literary skills, and one should take your comments with reservations.

One of the most repulsive justifications among the horse lovers and dressage fanatics is that they call their horses athletes, and that just so they can justify the injuries to these horses caused to them by these people's incompetence and ignorance. It is really depressing when a foreigner has to point out to you the meaning of words, as in this case the word "athlete", which according to a dictionary means "a person trained to compete in sports". And so as any fool can see horses are not persons but animals, though I am sure you would more likely argue this when it suits you. And so on one hand you see them as persons, since you see them as athletes, and on the other hand you have no problem to enslave them, and to top it off you enslave them with your love. Let me assure you, this is so repulsive it would make even the devil barf. And of course since you "love" animals you have many now, as you say. At least the slave owner never said such absurdity like, "I love slaves and now I have many".

You have to catch them and keep them in captivity to ride them. There is this quote: "If you love something set it free, and if it comes back to you then it is yours". This too is to some extent corrupted, for if you love something or someone you make sure that it always remains free to come and go as it pleases. On the same note if something or someone becomes dependant on you for one reason or another, if you love them you free them from this dependency. The human love is satanic hence possessive, for it can only love what it possesses and uses, and so we say "I love spaghetti", and with the same breath we say the same, "I love you" to a person or about an animal that we have purchased or bred in captivity. Who wants to be love like that? Who wants to be used like that? Who wants to be exploited like that? Thank God I am not loved like that!

God made the animals to be the helpers of man, and that not by their will, but rather by the will of God. How ironic that people "love" the gifts, misuse them and forget where they come from. The truth will set you free, because it will kill you first.
Horses are no athletes for God sake! It was not their choice! They are bred and kept in captivity, what don't you understand in the word "captivity"? If you compare animals to human beings shouldn't you at least abide by the same or at least similar principles? The athletes drive them-selves to extremes by their own choice to achieve their vain goals, but riders drive their horses to the extremes to achieve their own and purely selfish goals, as in your case where you so selfishly write: "I have just ridden a horse when I have noticed the in sync of becoming one in balance and movement. Oh what a feeling and accomplishment!" Were it even remotely the truth, what the fuck do you THINK you have accomplished? Where and what is the success? What good if any, did this accomplishment do to others or someone else, or even the horses, outside of yourself? It's purely selfish, making you not a better person, but rather self-absorbed and egoistic human being.

There is no way you could possibly understand anything that is written on my websites, but you serve as an example of what I am writing against, lies and corruption. The Gilgamesh quote on the main website page is not there for nothing, but then again you would have to understand it. Even in the time of antiquity people were aware of the reality in domesticating animals and using them for food, work or pleasure. Most people in the past, unlike today, that used animals for food or for work at least didn't say that they loved animals. I guess this is the modern progress of more humane treatment of animals, when most people like yourself use horses and animals for pleasure and entertainment and then they say they love them. It seems that the maturity of people like you got somehow stunted, and you still love animals the same way as you have loved your stuffed animals like a Teddy bear. And so as I'm sure, your stuffed animal received many hugs and kisses, and more likely your new living animal toy, the horse, is more likely a victim of the same. The educational system, as well as the entertainment industry, has permanently stunt your mind and you cannot grow, and so I use the term pea brain in addressing you, so as not to insult you but rather to wake you up. Wake up!

Just for your pea brain clarification, the "horseman-pro" is an abbreviation for my profession, as I have graduated the vocational school with the diploma as a "Professional Rider and Breeder of Horses", which has nothing to do with love for animals. In short, I get hired by someone to do some work with horses and I get paid for it. I do not play with horses nor I do anything with them for the pleasure sake. It is my job and my way of making a living, just like a carpenter or plumber is, this is a trade, but your pea brain cannot grasp that, and more likely never will.

Children often ask me what kind of a horse do I have, since they see me working with them. My reply is always the same: I don't have a horse." They reply asking: "Why not?" And I reply with: "That's because I like them", and there is no reply to that. I guess if I would "love horses" or animals I would own one, or like you, many of them. May God have mercy on anyone or any animal you love, for he, she or it is truly cursed, and I hope that their spirits are freed from your bondage and enslavement.


Written by Ludvik K Stanek a.k.a Lee Stanek - April 2, 2012