Hi …?

    Angry and scared/nervous horse – dismount and go home. It cannot be dealt with.

    Nervous horse will not teach you anything and it is not a pleasant ride.

    Angry horse is in control, knows what is going on and can teach you many things. I like angry horse because of its heart. Has courage to stand up and complain or defend itself. If you “listen” and observe you will learn a lot from such horse.

    I was taught in the school to stand up in the stirrups to free the horse’s back when going down hill, same way as in jumping. If one does not have a correct light seat he cannot do it. Also one needs the right saddle for it. No one teaches that anymore either, they all lean back sitting into the horse’s back with feet sticking in front, thinking purely about their own safety and not the horse.

    I am not there, hence I do not see, the following is not an advice only some variables.

    You may have angered the horse because you’ve asked him to do something and then prevented him, or made more difficult on him to execute it. That will get anyone angry, horse and men alike. If you are sitting in the horses back, it hurts him, once he feels safe enough, closer to the bottom of the hill, he’ll take off and then he bucks to free his back that hurts him and is still tight from it. In addition you have more likely tried to hold him back when he wanted to go, which again angered him and thus additional reason for a buck, hence you got few of them. Horses hardly buck to dump the riders; mostly it is expression of some pain and discomfort. If they want to get you off, it will more likely happen to most of us.

    You must go to basics to understand horses. I will compare it to computers, since we understand their function. Horses process and act, we process, think and then act. By the time you get done thinking on the horse the horse downloaded and installed entire program.

    Horses process a man as follows: man cannot see, cannot smell and cannot hear. Why would the horse go where you want him to go? Would you go with such man and have him lead you or tell you where to go and what to do? This is not only against reason and logic it is against the nature and reality. You cannot ever earn the horse’s trust, it will not happen. In addition, there is no trust in nature anyway; it does not get processed, it does not compute, hence there is no betrayal either. It is all about the predictability by the horse, but that is another issue about which I will write some day, hopefully. There is no love in nature, it does not process and does not compute, but pleasure (joy) does in everything alive as much as pain does. It is not about trust; it is all about the heart. People think that horses trust us when they appear like it. They don’t! They process and compute, adjusted to it and live with it. They have no choices, only we think we have them, again we think. We miss most of the reality (life) by thinking about it.

    You have to learn to stop thinking when on a horse. Let things just happen and think about them later. It is simple as that. Horsemanship is not a science, requires very little brains but it requires immense perception, as well as speed of response. Perceive, process, respond, store and when you sit at home, be like your cattle, pull it back out and chew it like a cod, but when on horse you have to shut down your reason in relevance to him. You can be on top of the horse and day dream, think about anything you want, but when you start thinking about what is around you, you could have very worried horse on your hands. In horse’s life perception is life.
   Problem with horses is that their equipment for living in our environments is too refined. Imagine your eyes can see all around you, you can smell things 100 yards away and you can hear things from 100 yards, like people talking and such. It is just too much for the horse to process, he misses too much of it, hence he feels insecure, often nervous. Sometime they walked by something several times, but it was never processed. One day it is processed and the horse jumps and we wonder how come he is afraid of something that he saw before. He never did see it, or better said he did, but it was not processed, he missed it.

    On the plains there is very little to see, hence he process everything and misses nothing. There is just too much to see when in our world or in a country side and he cannot process it (hence the blinders on working horses). On the same note, I ride horse in the morning on the track and there is one person in the stands, the horse sees him a half a mile away and is afraid of him, especially when going by the stands.
   The same horse has no problem running in the afternoon when there are a thousand people, because he cannot process all of it. He starts to focus on things closest to him and ignores the things in distance, the more to process the more he focuses on things closer to him. The more he sees the closer he looks and process.
   The less to see the further he looks. Logical, of course, but that is not a reason, that is reality to be seen and not figured out. We can pull sense and reason out of the truth and invent various theories, but we cannot ever pull the truth out of our senses or reason. Truth is something that has to be seen and perceived, not figured out, especially when dealing with horses. The various levels of awareness determine the group level that the particular living creature or being belongs to, it is not what we call intelligence. We tend to refer to the alien life as higher intelligence, while the reality is in higher level of universal awareness.

    We are like windows Vista plugged into 14 K modem. The horse is like the first computer system with a black screen plugged into a cable. You think faster, but you process slower on account of your thinking, in addition to it all your perception is very poor in comparison with the horse. He process several times faster because he does not think. If he could think only little we could never ride them.
   People say: “If horses would know their strength, we could not ride them”. It is not the strength, horses do not see sizes, sizes do not compute. Horses have no idea about them, they do not know how big they are, and hence the small horse beats a shit out of the big one because he does not know how small he is, nor the big horse knows how large he is so he runs. That is why I say it is all about hearts. Horses can see objects but the size does not compute or better said is not processed. I’ve seen horses in panic trying to get out of a stall through 12x12 inch feeding hole, or saw a horse trying to jump 12 foot wire mash fence, the latter died of broken neck.
  Rooster attacks a human being, the size does not compute, he has no idea how small he is. Animals do not have universal self-awareness as wee do. They do not know they are, we do, hence we think and they don’t. Besides if horses could think they would have a union by now.

   Go for a ride, not for the sake of it, but because you want to go somewhere. Your horse may not move in straight line because you are moving and have no idea where to or why. On top of it all in the mind of the horse you cannot see, hear or smell. If you like beer and the bar is near by, get on the horse and go there. You cannot fake it, you really want to go there and have the beer. Than you go home very happy. Leave the horse alone; just think of where you are going and what awaits you there. That is if you got the chance to do it. Simply you are going to meet a joy and then you are going home happy. Give no rewards to the horse. After few rides tell me what have changed? Be resourceful; visit neighbors for picnic and such.

    Horses do not like to move anymore than I do if there is no purpose to it. You will not get me move to go for a walk, for a ride in a car or on the horse. I have to have purpose to move, and so do they, fear or food for them, or something pleasant or painful. You give it to them and things will change, for horse will not follow men, but their hearts he may. If the purpose is in your heart and it is happy one, the horse will take ride with you wile you on top of him. It is very simple. How do you think horse must feel when he runs in a circle, how do we get processed in his head? If they could think, they would think we are idiots, all of us and I am not an exception, but they do not think.

    Horses are like computers that come with a program that is able to receive data, process them and adjust itself to it. This is mere comparison of their mentality, they are living creatures and life is something we do not understand. They have a heart computers do not. Life is plugged into the universe, computer to an electrical outlet. We give names to things that we do not see or understand and then we think about them and become confused.

    Please do not misunderstand, I am not even remotely suggesting that one should perceive the horses as computers, that would be an insult to life as well as to God. On contraire they have huge heart and Great Spirit, which the mind cannot comprehend, hence the computer cannot have. We approach them with the mind, hence the comparison for us to understand and deal with what is going on. This will not help you see, but it will help answer some questions as you go. You must keep your eyes open though, lest you will trip and eat some dirt. 

    We do not want to believe that horses do not think, because it would mean that we do not matter to them, and we don’t. People just cannot accept that and I cannot make them.

     We do not make sense to a horse, he cannot process why is he going over jump if there is an easier way to get around it. If he would think, he would speak and he would ask: “Why do we have to do things the hard way?” He cannot process why are you going down hill if you can bypass that. He is an animal of plains. You simply do not fit in his reality; to him you are in some lala land. Sometimes they will remind you and snap you out of it and sometime, or better said, most of the time they just don’t care, they adjust and live in that nonsense. Next time you find a destination on a trail ride let the horse take you there, and he will if your heart is in it. He will pick the safest and easiest way to get there, and since it is not about food and no one will eat it, he will not rush, because that too does not process. Only we rush to end up in the same place. If we are only surviving, what do we say on our deathbeds? “I have survived”. It is better if one would say, “I’ve lived”. So, what’s the rush?

    See I wrote in one article: “Nature is about survival”. It is an error, but I had to choose that for that article, for the human reason to understand. The nature is simply about life, not about survival, but then they would not understand, because they do not understand life.

Written by Ludvik K Stanek a.k.a Lee Stanek