Hi ...?

    Thank you for your kind suggestion. It is not the first time that I have received suggestion to improve the writing on my websites. However, at this point it is not possible. All articles on my websites are written by me. They are either originals or translations from my schoolbook. Unfortunately for my writings in English I went to school in Europe; hence I was not schooled in the English language. In other words, the articles are written by a foreigner, me. At this time there is no one to edit or proofread my writings, hence it is to some point messy. Also, I am not a writer by profession, but a horseman and still working. I work on the websites in my free time and I earn no money by doing it. As far as credentials are concern, I am not worry about that since the truth is self-evident. The horsemanpro site is published mainly for the more advance horseman, who can then verify all the writing in practice. It is in no way intended for teaching people to be horsemen. The purpose of this particular site is to target the wide spread corruption in the horse industry. If people want to know about me, they can visit my personal website where I am providing some information about myself. The link to my personal site is on the “Related Sites” page on horsemanpro.com.

    Thank you again for your interest and support.



Written by Ludvik K Stanek a.k.a Lee Stanek