Dear irreverent Reverent.

     I do not reply to most comments or email, but I took my time, more likely in vain, to reply to you since you sign your self so “modestly” and “reverently”. What I hate is lies, not dressage, and you are the one that knows nothing about it. I am a horseman that makes living by working with horses with my hands and not by selling them or spreading some bullshit as most do these days. I have started working for well known trainer (high school Lipizzaners) and rider in Europe 40 years ago and he paid me to do it; hence I had to know something to get paid for it by such people who you call here in the states the “masters”.
     Shortly said to your email, there is no such thing as dressage without a bridle and only fools sit on horses without one. Riding in hand with a bridle takes much experience and fine hands, and those who lack it usually try to ride horses without it thinking that they have accomplished something, as you more likely do. It is obvious that you are one of the unfortunate that lack to see the truth in all things around them, more likely self-centered person with a big ego.
     I hope and whish that God will open your eyes and let you see your own foolishness and worldliness. I assure you the year will not go by before a horse will hurt you (remember me then). I hate lies and nothing else, which is why my websites are up, and as expected the truth is not what people want to hear.
    You, like most others, have no courage to face the fact that you use and abuse horses, hence like the rest you close your sight and keep doing the same. It takes courage to face one’s demons and you of course are a coward incapable of facing and seeing your ignorance and arrogance.
If my site did not contain the truth it would not get such hateful replies and for most part it would be ignored, which is not the case. Whether knowingly or unknowingly one spreads misinformation he is accountable for the lies, whether he manufactured them or not, and you are obviously doing it as your email demonstrate.
    You are a preacher, or better said a silly and stupid bible thumper that approaches God, the bible and horses with his human intellect, telling me about something that I have done for living for over 40 years. What kind of a fool does that make you? Are you that arrogant?

     Do not bother to reply, because I have no time to talk to stone heads and nothing will get through yours, which is obvious from your religious and fanatical stubbornness and arrogance.

    Ps: Your idiotic quote:  “Dressage is nothing more than movements the horses do on their own in the wild state. “

      Something you've read somewhere and of course as most you’ve misunderstood. Horses cannot move safely as in the wild with the rider on their back. If not properly balanced for the rider they will injure themselves, hence the dressage (does not exist anymore) way of going is nothing like in the wild but their balance and way of going changes to accommodate the rider so they remain safe while carrying him (balance), which is the whole point of dressage and you are not getting it. This cannot be accomplished without a bridle, which of course you cannot understand since you are an amateur or better said no rider.
     You read and understand nothing, you should ask God for that blessing, but it does not come to the intellectuals or the arrogant.

      There is nothing more harmful to the light of the truth than religions (all religions), because they subject God to their thinking and reason, creating such hogwash that no sane man could accept as truth.
     The biggest defamation of the name Jesus Christ is done by those that call themselves Christians, mainly by their priests and pastors that for most part feed on human fears, emotions and stupidity like some vampires on blood, offering false hope with one hand, while reaching in the foolish believer's pocket with the other.
     Christ's cup is full of blood and tears, while the cup of the church is full of cowards.

Written by Ludvik K Stanek a.k.a Lee Stanek