My alleged sexist and homophobic remarks in my publications.

    After several feedbacks, similar to yours, I find it necessary to publish this reply to shed some light on the alleged sexist and homophobic remarks in my publications.

    In reply to extraction: You certainly have some bitterness towards women.  I agree that there are quite a few "dressage queens" out there...but good lord.  Rather over-the-top sexism.  Of course the captain of the Dutch dressage team (Sjef Jannsen) must just be one of those queers.  Oh, and I disagree with "Women propagate non-violence because they fear pain more than death".  Alas, if that were the case the human race would have died out years ago. 

    First of all, as I have specified in several articles, these writings are not my views or opinions, but describe what I have done, seen and lived. Therefore agreeing with it or disagreeing is preposterous, because I’ve lived it and most of the things I write about I have done or took part in it one way or the other. 
    You, as most people, have misunderstood many things in my writings, because what you have read (extracted) obviously created some feelings in you, which led you to this feedback. These feelings (often a resentment) led you to thinking and forming conclusions that are not factual, but are mere fiction of your thinking and imagination, which what opinions are.

    During my life I have met and associated with hundreds of women of different countries, cultures and societies and I cannot think of one that would even suggest the possibility that I am a sexist or a bitter man towards women, as you are suggesting. About 90 percent of my clients are women, I know most of them very well, and that is because I do not play any games, I am straight forward, I am not judgmental, I do not gossip and most of all I am not trying to get into their panties. I spend often few ours per working day in various conversations with them. 
    I’ve learned from women about women. Among many other inquiries I have asked the question “What do women fear more, death or pain”? When I asked this in direct question as in “what are you afraid of…” the individual woman paused for a moment, thought and the answers ended up about fifty-fifty, however, when I asked the same question referring to women as whole about 90 percent of them answered “pain” without hesitating or thinking. 
    When I asked women about men they said that men also fear pain more than death, while in reality it is death, but most man will not admit to any fear. It is the fear of death that drives men to endangering their lives, because men often tend to challenge that which they fear. The fear of death in men overrides the fear of pain, but when pain comes they often wish to die rather than bear it. 
    Please do not confuse the word “tolerance” with “fear”. The tolerance of pain is relevant to an individual in men and women alike. I’ve seen women screaming like hell when delivering a child, while others just twisted somewhat in the face and popped the baby like a candy, though with obvious physical distress.

    There is another interesting (also relevant) spiritual fact from the bible in regards to the issue of women and men dying and the relevant fear of pain or death (among other things Adam was punished with death and Eve with pain). Just see for your self how many women die and how many men die in the bible (Adam died, Eve did not and so on and such). This is what actually enticed me to ask this question from women and men alike. There is a spiritual answer to this, but I will not get into it for obvious reasons.

    As you can see, I write what I live and the fact that women are more afraid of pain than death is from them and not from some bitterness on my end towards them, as you have falsely concluded because you fell offended by it. I get along with women, because I see them as they are and I like most of them and enjoy their company (that is if they can bear me, which is obviously not easy at first or for any extended period of time). 
    Further more I am not a man that most women would like to spend a lifetime with, and often they tell me that they have enjoyed my company very much, but one time in two moths is more than enough. Most of them are as honest with me as I am with them, and since the sexual issue is out of the way the relationships are much more sincere in most cases. 
    Women do not need to play any role when I am around, especially when they are aware that I do not gossip, don’t repeat anything they tell me to anyone else in reference to the individual woman nor I am seeking to get laid, hence I have no reason to appease them. I am one of the few guys that can tell a woman that she put on weight without her feeling offended.

    I hardly use the word queer, usually only in a form of a joke. I use the term “sexually confused” because that is what homosexuality is, where the mind is not in sync with the person’s anatomy, hence it is nothing else but an ailment. 
    I do not discriminate against homosexuals, nor I hate them or resent them, because I am quite aware of the heavy burden they have to carry throughout their lives, in short I would not want to be in their place. 
    On the other hand I do not try to justify, nor I condone, any ailment of an individual or any social disease. You have been obviously assimilated into the modern social structure of the “New World Order”, and the social programming, which is reflected in your response, has significantly tainted your individuality, freethinking and mainly the ability to discern what is and what is not.

    I have also asked of women if women can be trusted, and I have yet to find one that would say: “yes, you can trust women”. Should I write this and put my name to it, being a man, I would be perceived as sexist by most women. 
    Similarity can be observed in the word nigger, where when said by a white person it is perceived as racial slur, as against the negro is free to say that at any time. Most of prejudice, sexism and racism is found in those who feel offended by it, while most free minds just ignore it and pay no attention to any of it, and least of all they feel offended by it. 
    Women also say that women are smarter than men, that they are less forgiving and more vengeful than men, especially toward each other (women do not forget!). However, what they do not know (are not aware of in most cases) about themselves is that they are more judgmental than men, most of women believe otherwise. 
    Again, I have conducted my own investigations by addressing this issue with women and proving them that they cannot hold one-minute conversation with me without using (or thinking) the quotes “that is good (right) or that is bad (wrong)”. Usually in abut 30 seconds they realized that they cannot do it and told me that it is almost impossible for them to view anything without forming some form of judgment as in good (right) or bad (wrong). As in your case you have judged my quotes and terms and found them to be “bad (wrong)”, hence your judgment clouded your perception of the reality and you’ve concluded that my writings contain sexist remarks.

    As far as your human reproduction comparison goes, that too is a result of your offended thinking and is far from the truth. The main driving factor in reproduction in humans is the sexual drive of the male (“men think with their balls and not with their brains”) and the women interests, for most of the human history, have much less bearing on it (in the past and in many cultures women bore children whether they liked it or not). 
    In addition to this, most women I’ve met told me that the birth pangs are much easier to bear than the burden of the last month in the pregnancy, and in many cases the women look forward to the delivery, knowing that the end of the pain will bring them the long awaiting rest from carrying the child within. 
    Further more, during most of the history of mankind, women without children considered them selves cursed by God, because in most the maternal instinct was much stronger than any fear of pain or death (today many cut their children right out of their wombs, why?). 
    To add to your misunderstanding and confusion, you thought only about physical pain, and rest assure that any woman that lived through a broken heart will tell you that the delivery pain is nothing to endure in comparisons with the emotional pains that life offers, as in the case of broken heart or a mother losing a child. Women are much more caring (often possessive) than man about what they love, hence the pain of losing that which they love is unimaginable and often feels unbearable, therefore they fear pain more than death (In the modern societies it is less so, since many women struggle to be competitive with men. The existence of mankind is like a fire (woman) burning in water (man), if one competes with the other, one will win and both will sees to exist. Men and women have their places in this earthly life and if they abandon them we all will cease to exist.)
    Women propagate non-violence because of the above reasons and also because they have no stomach for it, which is the result of the previous. Commonly seen or imagined scenario: A Man and a woman watching some TV "nature" channel when a lion attacks and devours an antelope (or a little "Bambi"). In most cases women respond as: "I can't watch this!", while most men would say: "WOW! That was awesome!"

     It is very obvious to me, and self-evident, that I know more about women than you do, and that for a simple reason, I care to know about them so I can understand them, because one cannot love or like anyone without knowing and understanding them (same goes for any life, like horses etc.). 
    I judge no man, woman, child or angel, but I rate their deeds, not as good or bad, but as prolife or against life as in the greater scheme of the universal life where everything is about life growth and its endurance. 
    Someone once said that variety is the spice of life, which is of course a huge understatement, because variety is the essence of live, which can be seen in simple (yet so complex in its infinity) things like the tree, for when you see one, you know there is nowhere in the universe one like that. It is such shame that we are destroying our own uniqueness by assimilating our self in various groups like some fish that feels safe in numbers. 
    The earth is about brave hearts, while human thinking and reasoning, political correctness and conventional wisdom has its roots in human fear, hence the cowards join in, or better said become assimilated accusing others to be homophobics, sexists, racists and such when ever they feel offended and/or threatened. 
    Rest assured that the word “sexist” would be much more fitting for women than for men, because men do not stick together as women do when socially threatened or attacked. In relevance to that, most women when asked smiled and agreed that women sexually exploit men and not the other way around. They smile because they have the men believing to be the exploiters. To me it is funny, amazing and amusing. 
    I find most women beautiful and amazing and I often point out to men that a woman’s thinking should never be underestimated. In a simple and coarse language I point out to men, that a woman is able to bend a man backwards, stick his head up his ass and have him singing “I see the light”, and that is funny and I find it amazing and amusing. They’ve done it since the beginning (Adam and Eve, Samson and Delilah and many more), that is why the biblical wisdom urges men not to listen to women, and that not because women would be stupid, au contraire, they are just too smart for men, but only in self-serving attributes. That is why we say that behind any “great” man is a “great” woman, that to be the view from the world perspective.

    All above and others are self-evident facts, and whatever women may be I like them for that (does not necessary mean that I would like to live with them), because I treasure variety and freedom of a soul (individuality). I know and see that every ugly woman can be credited for the other’s beauty, for if all women would look and act alike, they all would be ugly, just like men when assimilated. 
    A beauty of a person is in his entire unique being and not in individual attributes. It is our "imperfections" (not meaning ailments, diseases or corruptions) that make us beautiful, it is a shame if we cannot accept them, embrace them and exclude them from our social judgment.

    Just like most medicines my website tastes bitter, hence I may appear like a bitter person to those whose feelings were hurt or egos insulted. I do not write to appease anyone, and if people need encouragement to live or to do things, this is the wrong place to be. This site is for the brave and for people with a lot of sense of humor. If you missed the humor and saw bitterness you’ve misunderstood the entire website. I guess I have the foreword on the main page there for nothing. I wish people would read and understand it first before forming judgments or opinions of me or the website.

Thank you for your feedback.



    Ps: One of the most stupid and preposterous quotes I have ever heard is: “All men are equal”. This is a pure bullshit no matter how you slice it, whether from the natural, social or spiritual aspects. Those who struggle for any equality are mostly people who suffer from an ailment called inferiority complex and/or envy. The very common sentence used by Satan when conversing with God is: ”That’s not fair”. 
    Why do we often call a little girl, and not a little boy, “my angel”? Why a serpent and not another animal spoke, a creature that in nature produces no sound from its mouth? The only “serpent” I know that speaks to a human without a sound is the person's own thought, and the most cunning “creature” that God has ever made, and I am aware of, is a woman’s mind. If one believes in talking animals he really needs his head examined. A faith in God is a trust rooted in loyalty and not an issue of fanatical beliefs. The truth is self-evident and only fools substitute the truth with beliefs and theories. 

Written by Ludvik K Stanek a.k.a Lee Stanek