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  1. How do I zoom in with my browser?
  2. How do I ask the author questions about this site or articles?
  3. Who writes these articles ?
  4. Why are some of these articles poorly written?
  5. Why doesn't the author reply to my email?
  6. Why are some of the articles so negative ?
  7. Why does the author often present issues in such abrasive form?
  8. Why does the author hate women?
  9. Why are most articles not helpful and informative in what to do?

   How do I zoom in with my browser?

     In the Internet Explorer see the right corner at the bottom. You can also hold down the Ctrl key on your keyboard and then scroll the scroll wheel of your mouse forward.


How do I ask the author questions about this site or articles ?

Just send email, but I cannot reply to all question or emails.

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Who writes these articles ?

Please click here to see some basic information about myself. Eventually I hope to provide more information about myself at my personal website, that is at this time still under construction.

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Why are some of these articles poorly written?

First thing should be noted that I am not a writer but a horseman writing directly from my own life experiences. In addition to that I do not have any formal education in the English language, which by the way is not my first language.
   Further more, as you are more likely aware of, it is almost impossible for a writer to proofread his own articles, and that is why they have editors to their disposal. I've had some folks in the past helping me, and so some of the articles where edited as noted in these publication.
   And finally in most cases when folks edit my writings without having a full comprehension of what is written, they often change the context and meaning of what I have formally intended to write, which only complicates the situation and also impedes my progress in submitting new articles.
   All in all, most articles are written in a sufficient legibility for most average readers to comprehend and read. In most cases when folks failed to understand my writings it is not because they are poorly written, but rather that they lack sufficient knowledge and experience with horses needed to the comprehension of my equine publications

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Why doesn't the author reply to my email?

I am a working man, just like any other. I do not sit on some cash so I cannot retire. I do the work on these sites in my spare time, and so I cannot reply to all emails or questions. Thank you for your understanding.
   Further more I pick among the email and the questions, choosing some and ignoring others for the above reasons, though a persistence should be taken into account, as opposed to nuisance that will surely be ignored

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Why are some of the articles so negative ?

Putting a mathematical concept ( as in "negative") on literature, or the written or spoken word will insure you no understanding of the word spoken or written. If you perceive a reprimand as negative, as most of my articles are a from of reprimand, you will not learn anything in life. Reprimands should not only be noted and respected but also greatly appreciated. Please read the "about" page and the "foreword", which should help in clarifying your question some more.

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Why does the author often present issues in such abrasive form?

Unfortunately this is how most oversensitive and often conceited females perceive my writings, and sometime even men with the similar emotional problems do the same. In short, my writings hardly qualify as politically correct and definitely are not sugar coated. If one is bothered by the form of my presentations, he or she is better off not reading them, because they will surely waste their time, since they are blinded by their offended pride and injured feeling. This surely is not a place for  sissies or other forms of silly people, as that warning is stated right on the main page. It is recommended that you visit the more 'credible' equine websites that have more experience in 'tickling' the ears of their visitors, something that will never happen here.

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Why does the author hate women?

I have never met a woman in person, whether she new me or not, that it would even cross her mind, or that I would give her even a slight impression, that I hate women. Most people, in this case women, come to this conclusion when reading my articles because I hold women accountable for their actions, and mainly for the abuse of horses at this day and age that many of them do. I also reprimand my kids, no matter the age, and hold them accountable for their deeds and actions, and in no time, not even for one moment they thought that I hate them. The accusations of me being some male chauvinist pig hating women is plain immature and very childish, mostly coming from the same kind of women, immature, oversensitive and very childish and silly, with the sole purpose to discredit my writing via such accusations, because they have no courage or enough self-respect to face their inadequacy and failures. I find women like these very difficult to respect enough to take them seriously, and they are well advised to stay away from horses, since horses are not pets, as most of these kind of women disrespect horses to the point to perceive them as such.

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Why are most articles not helpful and informative in what to do?

Well, you can find more answers to this question, not only in my foreword, which was recommended reading before reading my articles, but also on the "about" page. It clearly states the obvious, in addition to my saying: "Listen to horsemen in what not to do, and what to do with the horse should come to you from the horse". I cannot say this any clearer. Anyone who ever advices you on what to do with your horse, especially on the internet, only bears witness to him or her self being a genuine fool, or idiot if you will.

When people ask me about what to do with their horses in my FAQs, in most cases I present what I have done in similar situations or what I have seen, and by no means I reply with a mere opinion, let alone my thoughts, as in what I think. For this reason whenever people state that they disagree with my answers, they simple make no sense since I am describing something that happen and was done, being it the right thing to do or not, unless they would be there at that time and place with me and said that it did not happen that way etc. Also, in no way my replies are advices or suggestions in what to do, because I am not there where the horse is, and so I cannot see what is happening, hence I cannot possibly give an accurate advice or recommendation, as every situation is unique and must be therefore observed.
   Often people leave out many important facts when asking for help, which simply results in inadequate and hardly helpful answers on my part. In short, my answers in my Stablemade FAQs are only as good as the questions are, inadequate, but hopefully helpful enough for the person to help him or her self, or to his or her horse

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