Beginner’s Guide to Horse Riding

Don’t stop now if you want to ride through fields of wildflowers on a copper-coloured horse that begs you to let go of the reins and let him soar. It’s time to satisfy that itch for horseback riding you’ve had for a long time.

You can be well on your way to a new activity that gives serenity, joy, laughter, and friendship after just a few horsebacks riding classes. We’ve put together a quick beginner’s guide to horseback riding to assist you with your first ride.

It will assist you in dressing well, mounting properly, and realising all of your dreams. Friends put on your boots. It’s time to go on a ride.

Dress appropriately for the occasion

Over time, each rider develops their style. However, there are a few fundamentals to remember on your first ride.

1-Put on a pair of long slacks.

2-Place your feet in close-toed shoes, preferably boots, to keep them from slipping through the stirrups.

3-Avoid is wearing attractive, flowing clothing that might get caught in the trees, saddle, or even the horse.

Know the Handshake of the Horseman

The horseman’s handshake is a cute little expression that describes how we welcome a horse for the first time. As you narrow the distance between you and the horse, it’s critical to go slowly.

We welcome dogs with a handshake similar to how we greet them for the first time. Extend your hand gracefully so the horse may sniff the back of your hand.

Allow it to sit there while they consider their next step. When the horse’s nose brushes yours, consider it an equine high five and continue to the next phase.

Mount with vigour

It’s time to mount once you’ve gotten to know each other. Most trainers or guides in America will assist you in mounting with the left stirrup. It’s best to propel your other leg across as smoothly as possible after your foot is in the stirrup.

In the next step, you’ll notice that your legs are crucial. So, even while you’re mounting, attempt to lean on them. Any pressure applied to the horse’s neck or head may cause them to forget about your pleasant handshake and respond negatively.

Straighten your back

Once you’re in the saddle, remember sitting up straight, relaxing your back, and keeping a firm grip on the reins. You won’t feel imbalanced, and the horse won’t feel top-heavy if you utilise your legs to maintain a healthy posture.

But, once again, leg strength is advantageous because you never want to tug on the reins (until it’s time to do so).

With Distinction, Dismount

Of course, we’ve left out all of the essentials of a good ride. Keep returning to learn more about the requirements of a good ride. However, we didn’t want to leave you without the tools you need to dismount properly in this tutorial.

Wait until you’ve returned to a safe spot and the horse has calmed down. Then leap down by removing both feet from the stirrups, bending forward (without resting on your new friend’s neck), swinging your right leg over.

Everyone can ride a horse.

Horseback riding is for anyone who enjoys the serenity of nature, the gentleness of these magnificent creatures, and the simple pleasures of life. A single horseback ride can swiftly grow into a lifelong passion.

We’re your gold mine for fellow horse lovers who are about to start riding here at Horse Riding Network. You’ll find a wealth of useful information, resources to point you in the right direction, and a supportive network of people. We hope you enjoyed our beginner’s horseback riding tutorial, and we hope to see you out on the trails soon!